Hello Square. Your Place? Gimme a Minute.

Eric Dane Shirtless

Because I share everything with you guys, here are some shots of the premium manbeef that is Eric Dane on the phone with yours truly, before running his firm ass of to my place for the evening. By the way, yes I am usually this delusional on Sundays.

Source: Splash News & Wenn via Dlisted

Eric Dane Shirtless

Eric Dane Shirtless

Eric Dane Shirtless

Eric Dane Shirtless

Eric Dane Shirtless

Eric Dane Shirtless

  • b2b

    hmm…haven’t worked out for a while

    he is okay for me
    not a great a actor or fantasized about…

  • Bryson

    I remember seeing him on Charmed.

    And, i would just love to grab his package.

  • squarebart

    “Helloooo? Square?
    Wanna beat the conga drums with me for a wittle bit?
    Yeh? I run right ovah…”

    Obaybee! Mmmm. 🙂

  • blazatu

    omg!!! it’s like a leo dicaprio that hasn’t been miscarried

    ;)) nasty me

  • dieguito

    JA JA JA OMG!!!

    just to say something:
    1º picture: looks odd :S

    2º picture: ummmmmm yummy!!!!

    3º picture: who doesn’t like to beat the congas in the balcony?

    4º and 5º picture: HEY YOU DAMN KIDS GET OUT OF MY GRASS!!!!

    6º picture: pay attention to the old “gold digger” on the back XD LMAO!!!!!

  • Phil

    Ah just the right amount of “chunk” would make for a very comforatable ride…And a nice pillow to lay my head on…sigh…

  • Chris

    hot, you can see his pubes peeping out of his underwear =)

  • Rad

    Here’s my major gripe about Eric Dane and lots of other guys: why do do many great looking guys insist on marring themselves with crappy looking tattoos? Such a waste. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your skin unadorned.

  • Chris

    Why doe she shave his chest hair into such a weird pattern? He just has a small patch right in the middle of his pecs.

  • Brendan

    Yummy, although he seems to be trying too hard to flex in some of the pics.

  • David in Houston

    He pretty cute with his scruffy face. But damn those are some stupid looking tattoos. A clipart ‘heart’ and what I’m guessing is suppose to be a dove. Doesn’t this guy have any money for some decent artwork?

  • DoverDavid

    I don’t think he shaves his chest, think that is all the hair he has.

  • Jackjack30

    Just saw his so called 3some sex video and his is hot hot hot!!!!

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