Holy Gingy Scot!

Gingy Scot

Salivating over a random hot ginge is one of my favorite comforting things to do, especially after digesting such devastating news like this one. This one hails from Scotland, the arch rival to Ireland in terms of hot gingy men. The hot ones are always, always random and little is known about this gorgeous redhead except he’s playing for Craigroyston FC in the East Of Scotland League. These are captured by sports photographer Ian from his Flickr page, via the hot males scout that is Eric at Just Beautiful Men. Enjoy!

Gingy Scot

Gingy Scot

Gingy Scot

Gingy Scot

Gingy Scot

Gingy Scot

  • blazatu

    whatcha talkin about??

    this guy is as ginger as i am blond!

  • undapantsman

    I’d say he’s a ginger, just a dark ginger. Check out his scruff, it has a tinge of red in it. Either way, HAWT! <3

  • Gyllenhaalic

    Wow! Now I feel even worse for not having been able to go to Scotland this summer.
    He’s seriously adorable.

    Scots for the win!

  • Yes, he is a VERY dark ginge, but a ginger nonetheless!

  • Joe

    Jesus help me out here.
    I’m in love with him. to the bones.


  • KarmaLysing

    Oh. Dang. That is all.

  • Mallory

    *gulp* Oh….yes. Oh yes, very very very nice.

  • ComplexEarf

    HOLY GINGY/BRUNETTE.. Whatever He Is… HE’S HOOOOOTTTTT!!! Good Lord Almighty!!!

  • Bruno

    God, what’s his name?

  • Jhon

    his name is Stuart Martin *0*

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