How Does This Make You Feel?

Zac Efron Shirtless

Boybangs have died and gone to hair hell, and we’re definitely not missing them. How does Zac Efron sans boybangs make you feel? To be honest, he still doesn’t do a lot to me (emphasize on “a lot”) but I’m sure about 99.99% of you thinks otherwise. Here is Zac parading his hard earned smooth lamb chops in the set of “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud”. The only cloud that I’m thinking of is the one underneath his snuggly sweats.

Source: via Towleroad

Zac Efron Shirtless

Zac Efron Shirtless

Zac Efron Shirtless

Zac Efron Shirtless

Zac Efron Shirtless

Zac Efron Shirtless

  • szoszo

    it still makes me feel like gavomiting, sorry…

  • Studhunter

    What can I say…..I,d Flip em!!

    Not a bad body and nice package, Boy. Some of the best photos of him I,ve seen for a Twenty something guy still playing a teen. So he must be Flipped and Punished for it!!

  • peter hayes

    even though i could possibly be his grandfather, he gets the old ticker going pretty fast spreading blood to areas it doesnt get to that much anymore!!! love the new hair and could lick that gorgeous body for days and days!!!

  • Bob

    Zac continues to get hotter as he matures. Hopefully, the bangs are gone for good. He has a nice hard body and a gorgeous face. In another five years he should be devastating. I hope he makes all the right career choices to become an A-list actor and heartthrob.

  • JEFF

    He’s getting a little risky with the low pants, but it just proves he’s not a real blond.
    He still needs a few years, like wine i guess.

  • vanhenry71

    Still reguardless he has filled out in the right places, he still looks like jailbaite or smart alec youngster to me. Like them with much more experience to be honest.

  • David

    Thank You, these are the best pics so far and I agree that he’s getting more desirable as He matures.

    I would unfortunately be afraid I’d be charged using the Mann act he looks so twinkley. Is tha tlaw still in force?

    Anyway he would be like a hard, sweet, long lasting lollipop for me. Afterwards I would throw away the stick!

  • Zac is one of those rare pretty boy teen idols actors that actually gets more
    attractive and hotter as he matures. THANK GOD!!! the bangs are gone hope-
    fully for good. even though i’m old enough to be his father i will most
    definitely have him for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a midnight snack.

  • He used to do it for me, but now it’s just disgusting. I’m WAY over it.

  • KarmaLysing

    He looks a little less inflatable now, but there’s still just something… Off… About him.

  • Jack

    I think he actually looks hotter. I like clean cut boys rather than the whole grunge thing he had before.

  • Curtis

    OMFG!!! The hottest pics of him I have seen!! He is aging nicely! His abs and chest are perfect! Love the trail and looks like he has a nice package. Nice bulge in the first pic!! He is so HOT!! and don’t hate him cause he is beautiful!!

  • Phil

    I can’t help it he’s way hot-even if a bit limited in scope…I fear he’s gonna be type cast for quite a while…Though these pics show that he cleans up real purty… 🙂 …And dayum if I don’t wish I was that grass under him while he’s doing push ups…

  • I’m with KarmaLysing — he’s just…odd looking. Nice body, no doubt there, but he doesn’t get me going really. 😛 Great photos though nonethelesss. 🙂

  • squarebart

    Improving with age, I say. I like ’em all growed up much better. I probably like him best when he’s forty.

  • Paul

    I can’t say I like him, but I’ll bet his dad is HOT!!! 🙂

  • Mallory

    I agree with KarmaLysing and Spike. Sure his body is delicious, but something about his face seems not quite right. Not that he can’t be forgiven, at least partly…but still, something is amiss.

  • Rad

    What is it about this guy that I can’t resist? I want to dislike him, but one look at that chest and those abs and I’m in love all over again! His body is becomming more and more stunning as time goes by, if only he didn’t have those pretty boy girlish looks. Let’s hope his face matures into something more masculine to go along with the AMAZING body!

  • Critter

    His happy trail!!!?!?!?!?! Omg! I love him. And I like his new hair color too.

  • david

    i agree with Phil—that grass is lucky to be so close to him while he does push-ups! He is delicious! i give my vote for him being a hot stud!

  • I just wish he would do an army flick, whith a nice, short induction haircut, à la Full Metal Jacket! Then he would do something for me!

  • Don

    It makes me feel hotter than Africa

  • Ouch!

    Mallory, u took the words out of my mouth.

    Anyway, are those scars? Cause I remember seeing marks on his body in another set of shirtless pictures (while he was filming HSM3)…

  • Ronald Schaffer

    I’d definately be taking him to bed for his body! The hair and face do nothing for me!

  • Metcalfe

    I’d love to lick every inch of him. He’s scrumptious.

  • Douglas

    GAH! The hairdo makes him look like George Michael. Shudder!

  • Duckhunter1

    why are there clothes on the beatiful body?

  • John O

    omg imagine having the pleasure of being his boxers… wrapped around his ass and crotch all day… mmm…

  • lucky ducky

    wat i he was wearing briefs or boxer briefs, john, for an even tighter fit?!?!?!? o my…..

  • theduckhunter

    Oh stop it john you making me horny for Zac god I wish he would do a nude scene I think his ass is telling him that

  • tom

    So cute! He is so sexy, I want Zac on my bed!

  • pop

    look at his underwear he’s wearing its a nude color, this is for his sex scene!!!!

  • MiimowSexboy

    Grrrrrr, tasty time.. Candy break

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  • I would like to see some hair on that!

  • Brandon

    I have had the biggest crush on Zac Efron, he is the fuckin hottest guy and the idea of him in briefs or naked got me hard!

  • Brandon

    I have had the biggest crush on Zac Efron, he is the fuckin hottest guy and the idea of him in briefs or naked got me hard!

  • Bob

    There is a revival of Sweet Bird of Youth in London.
    If it is brought to New York, they should consider Zac for the part of Chance [The Paul Newman part from the movie].

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