Mah Husband in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm Shirtless

In a totally selfless and non-indulgent act, here are some shots of mah fourth husband, Jon Hamm from a recent Vanity Fair shoot with the uber photographer Annie Leibovitz. What’s the point of a Jon Hamm photo shoot without featuring his gloriously hairy chest? We (my crotch and I) can’t wait for the new season premiere of “Mad Men” tonight, because his shirtless scenes that I’ve been playing on daily basis are getting a little stale. Okay, I take that back. I will never, ever get tired of a shirtless Jon Hamm no matter what — but I could always use some fresh material, right? There better be some serious Don Draper’s skin in tonight’s episode or I’ll be very disappointed!

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm in Vanity Fair

  • Joanna

    WOW!! Not enough pics of this gorgeous hunk of male pulchritude for my taste. More of that gorgeous body without his shirt. He is positively beautiful. I love the tall dark and handsome type with that gorgeouse manscaped properly chest. I heard some gal say that she prefers men without hair on their chest and made the comment, grass doesn’t grow on a busy playground, my comment, ” it does if it’s well tended!!” Thank you for these beautiful looks at these beautiful men!!


  • white panda

    What a PERFECT man. Absolutely STUNNING. Perfect in every way! Now we just need to dig up some nude pics 😉

  • Deon

    I love him!
    Don Draper. . .sex on a stick.

  • looking so nice…i love don draper…he is a sexy man..i need his some nude pics

  • Your husband is looking good on the chaise with his stubble, slim build, dark nips and that wonderful cleavage fur billowing forth.

  • omar

    Jon Hamm is the essence of what a real man should be.

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