Presenting DJ Fuzz, I Mean DJ Seth Cooper

Seth Cooper Shirtless

Austin, the birthplace of so many beautifully hairy males (you’d want to click those links, trust) has once again rewarded us with another fine specimen, DJ Seth Cooper. He is totally blessed with the eyebrows of the gods, and instead of two catterpillars fighting with each other, they look like they’re making sweet love and producing lots and lots of babies in the form of fuzz on his chest. What crap did I just type? Okay ignore that. Anyways, Seth flaunted his lean and lightly fuzzy chest to the camera lenses of Patrick Mark, who has gracious enough to share with us these high quality eye candies. Here’s to more and more hairy discovery in the future!

Man of Austin by Texas Male Photography

DJ Seth Cooper Shirtless

DJ Seth Cooper Shirtless

DJ Seth Cooper Shirtless

DJ Seth Cooper Shirtless

  • eagander

    hunky, but a blaspheming TRIMMER!! going to hell for that!~

  • boo

    oooh, he’s soooo hot!

  • DoverDavid

    You mean DJ girly chest shaver.

  • Rob

    But you have to admit he is cute

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