Adorkable of the Month: Preston aka iPhone Hottie

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

Yes bitches, your dreams have finally come true! Okay maybe just three of you (particularly Justin, joetimber and rickyrussell54 at the forums) but dreams are dreams nonetheless! Adorkable, generously hairy and a healthy amount of narcissim rolled into one tight package? It’s magic, I tell you. Presenting the Adorkable of JULY (shut up right now we’re totally getting there), that cute hairy dude sometimes with glasses on and always making faces from GWiP; Preston! Until we get a clear identity of this cute ball of fuzz (Justin, where you at, your mad skills are needed) let’s refer this one as iPhone Hottie for now. These self portraits of him are from this year’s wonderful internet invention, Guys With iPhonesI hope that with his new prestigious title as Squarehippies’ Adorkable of the Month, his ego will shoot through the roof and will continue to post more and more iPhone shots! Preston, you’re a sweetheart. This will be the last time I’ll post your pictures here. Pinky promise*!

* Not really

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

Preston aka iPhone Hottie Shirtless

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  • Tim

    Preston, thank you for posting your pictures! As you are now well aware, you are adorable…both physically and intellectually. Please consider this a formal invitation to join me in unholy matrimony. :o) Seriously.

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  • Preston

    So I think it is because I don;t actually have an iphone that they are not posting my pictures. I managed to end up there somehow before, but think maybe they police that now. Who knows.

    Also, thanks Square for adding Adam. He totally deserves the title. When he finds himself as adorkable on here and sees that I suggested it, maybe he’ll email me and we can become friends. Eventually our love will grow and we’ll be together. BUT I am trying not to jinx it.

  • Henry Marîn

    This guy is beautiful. I wish I had one like him.

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  • Samir

    What serendipity! I just happened across this site, and it is a dream come true. BTW Preston, you may not have won Adorkable of the Year, but you totally deserve it. You are definitely a hottie, and apparently a down-to-earth sweetie as well, so I can’t imagine that you would ever have to chase any man or woman you desire. Those fools don’t know what they’re missing. Best of luck to you, and hope to see more of you in the future!

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  • Tadeu

    I miss him! He should take more pictures and post them! Where have you been, lovely Preston?:)

  • chris

    2 words “i would!” i dont usually go for guys like you but im a really attracted to you the second to last picture and the one where you are smirking, OMFG made me hard i might just have to wank over these.
    preston your are fucking hot!

  • john

    Preston is so hot. I would let him have me. Preston do what ever you want. What a body and those nipples, you got me hard.

  • Josh Stone

    I didn’t see this until just now, but am impressed that Preston dropped, what, maybe 80 or 90 pounds since high school? Preston, you should tell us how you did that, because those of us just a tad over our HS weights need direction as well as inspiration.

    You look absolutely perfect now (speaking of the lean body and grown-out head of hair — not of the buzz cut and not of the weird clipped beard). Best feature is the totally masculine chest. However, the personality that comes through in your posts is appealing, too. If you’re still on the fence between boyfriends and girlfriends, I vote you head in the direction of marriage to a woman who can help you reproduce your excellent genes. The fact that one girl dissed you due to past history with guys doesn’t mean that all will. It only takes one.

  • i love preston 😀 wish he’s my boyfriend 😀

    and i like this guy, too 😀 he’s smooth, though 😀

  • Topher

    Man, where do you live? You in med school or something else, didn’t sound like it was med school in one of yer posts. As you can tell, just discovered yer pics, and well they’re pretty nice. 😉
    Check me out at my homepage and write back, even just to say hey, or that you are desperately in lust with me, either works. Hehe

  • Topher

    Realized you couldn’t see my homepage address for some inanely stupid reason, why do they have us put it up in the first place. Here I am:
    Check out ‘Chris Pics’ at

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