Bear, I Mean Ben Cohen in Attitude

Ben Cohen Shirtless

OMG. If I hear one more thing about Ben Cohen in Attitude magazine again today, I might explode into a cloud of glittery dust and never return. Seriously, this big chunk of prime British bear meat is everywhere and I’m sick of it! Ben Cohen sans shirt is nothing new, but being the gift that keeps on giving he takes it off once more for the gays. THAT SAID, what kind of furfan would I be if I don’t put his generously hairy chest here, right? Things I do for you people! These are from the October issue of UK’s biggest selling gay magazine, Attitude. Notice the plug? I’m rooting for them to strip off Danny Boome in the next issue. Now THAT’S fresh!

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

  • szoszo

    oh this is just too nice!

  • rodthehorny

    I can’t barely agree more. this guys gives me a boner :))

  • Todd R


  • Randall

    Now I believe that’s a man.


  • Phil

    He could do anything he wanted to to me…

  • MichaelMario
  • DoverDavid

    I’m sorry, was someone talking………..LICK

    How ever on another note, I recently had an issue with Attitude Magazine when ordering some back issues, they charged my credit card and I never received the items. I tried on many occasions to do follow up with my order and never heard back from them. Buyer beware!

  • Boris

    This guy, in my bed, naked, now!

  • JC

    I wondered when Ben would appear here. He is such a gift. Thanks for the new pics

  • Rafael

    Oh god, that smile!

  • peter hayes

    that’s the body i always fantasize about. the great chest with the hairyness just perfect. amazing!!!

  • Complex

    WoW. That’s Beautiful.

  • DoverDavid

    Plus you know that under the underware and towel is that nice uncut cock.

  • KarmaLysing

    I think he’s actually a little cuter when he’s slightly scruffy, but that said, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for being clean-shaven. Above the neck. And only above the neck. Dammit.

  • Bruinsfan

    A testimonial party honoring his gay fans in 2008…
    posing in wet swimwear on the cover of Britain’s leading gay magazine in 2009…
    Dare we hope that now that he’s playing in France, 2010 will see a Dieux du Stade calendar appearance?

  • friktion

    wow, i just got an attitude improvement! babe is sex!

  • cxd

    Good God. He is just plain gorgeous!

  • He is sooooo hot!

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