I Don’t Know If It’s The Economy, But Okay

Mike Rowe Shirtless on Discovery Channel

Finally, the hairy prime slab of beef that is Mike Rowe has gotten some serious recognition from THE SOURCE. Yes, that’s right. This might look like the result of me spending a few hours in the basement going through countless episodes of “Dirty Jobs” with drool buckets on the side but it’s not. Who cares if the economy has gone really bad on Discovery Networks that they are now starting to whore up their sexy hosts like Mr. Rowe here? It’s all good in my book. There’s one error though. Instead of “Sex Kitten”, they should’ve used a more manly animal like the bull, horse, bear, moose, wolf, tiger or even the rooster cock. Mike Rowe, Sex Cock. Teehee… Unfortunately they have disabled embedding, so watch the clip at the link. Thanks to Axel for the heads up!

Also here is a list of Mike Rowe’s Top Ten Sexiest Scenes at Discovery’s website. I guess the economy really got to them this time.

To make up the lack of visuals in this post, here’s a random beefy, hairy and mature hotness for your perusal.

*removed as requested*

  • David1969

    THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU Square….for this post and especially for the random pic at the end…..I’m in Myrtle Beach, SC right now and have a 12 hour drive head of me and now I can be alone in my thoughts with the 3 way I am going to have with Daddy Row and Random Daddy…..Whew and I thought I was going to be alone….you really do take care of us…..;-)

    • @David1969 You are VERY welcome. 🙂

  • Random Daddy is Random Sexy.

  • white panda

    I give 100% approval for this thread. Mike Rowe is my addiction.

  • woah

    OMG Square, please please tell me where you got that pic of that random daddy. He’s too hot for words.

  • DoverDavid

    Mike Rowe = Homophobe. Random Daddy = Erection!

  • white panda

    DoverDavid, homophobes are just people who are scared by their own homosexual desires and feelings. One day Mike Rowe will reveal himself to us 😉

  • white panda

    A tad off topic, but here is a research paper on homophobes being gay themselves.


  • Julius Seizure

    Sweet merciful Hannah who the heck is that? And does he charge by the hour? He wouldn’t have to do anything just sit there shirtless and breathe.

  • vanhenry71

    Me gives a purrr of delight!

  • Julius Seizure, I’m with you on that! HAHA!

  • LifeTrek

    Hey, how bout some caps of that new beauty on the Military Channel Special Ops Mission — Will Willis. He did a bit last week where he cleaned up and he was a beauty.

    Here is a you tube preview with just a flash of that scene:

  • Zach

    Square, PLEASE tell us who that random stud muffin is!!!! He is the kind of man I dream about!

  • Nate

    Discovery has no shame! Pimping Mike and with a slow-mo video of him making orgasmic faces!! Dirty Job indeed.

    I stop watching Dirty Jobs back when the male fan debacle. I only have eyes for Bear Grills (man vs wild), Jonathan Goodwyn (one way out), and Jeff Lieberman (time warp) all of whom will probably never get feature here because of their lack of hair, though they are certainly not lacking on other counts.

  • undapantsman

    Discovery gets a huge gold star in my book with this shameless parading of Mike Rowe. *melts* Gawd, he’s hawt. <3 Awesome post, Square!

  • John

    OMG WHO IS THAT RANDOM GUY – PLEASE POST MORE PIX OF HIM and find out who he is! Where did you find that! SO HOT! xoxo

  • RobG
    • You see, this is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my readers. You guys are the best and RobG you’re now my favorite. *starts mail* 🙂

  • Woah

    Is that him? He doesn’t look so much like himself in the other photos.:(

  • Complex

    Holy Canoli! WoW. That random man is Mm Mm GOOD!!! Too good.

  • Joetx

    I agree with Nate. I stopped being a Mike Rowe fan after the male fan incident. There are plenty of other guys to ogle.

  • friktion

    mike row is so beefy……delicious

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