I Don’t Know If It’s The Economy, But Okay

Mike Rowe Shirtless on Discovery Channel

Finally, the hairy prime slab of beef that is Mike Rowe has gotten some serious recognition from THE SOURCE. Yes, that’s right. This might look like the result of me spending a few hours in the basement going through countless episodes of “Dirty Jobs” with drool buckets on the side but it’s not. Who cares if the economy has gone really bad on Discovery Networks that they are now starting to whore up their sexy hosts like Mr. Rowe here? It’s all good in my book. There’s one error though. Instead of “Sex Kitten”, they should’ve used a more manly animal like the bull, horse, bear, moose, wolf, tiger or even the rooster cock. Mike Rowe, Sex Cock. Teehee… Unfortunately they have disabled embedding, so watch the clip at the link. Thanks to Axel for the heads up!

Also here is a list of Mike Rowe’s Top Ten Sexiest Scenes at Discovery’s website. I guess the economy really got to them this time.

To make up the lack of visuals in this post, here’s a random beefy, hairy and mature hotness for your perusal.

*removed as requested*

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