Stop It, Stop It, Stop It!

Scott Herman Shaving His Chest

I just thought that if I said it 3 times, this madness would end. Scott Herman (why do I have a strange feeling he is reading this) continues to push my button, in the friggin’ wrong way! He has posted a couple of videos about “How to Make Yourself Absolutely NOT HOT” on YouTube a while ago and it made my crotch angry! Unless he already has a blood signed contract with the follicle devils (Nivea and Gillette, among others), this is something he should stay away from. Things people do for monay! So wrong.

And is it true that models HAVE to shave their chest to oblivion? This has to stop. Watch the devastating clips after the jump, if you dare. I can’t.

1. Showering and Shaving

2. Shaving Your Groin

  • DoverDavid

    He should just keep going, do his arms and legs, then get some lipstick and high heels and just become a woman.

  • yoshi


    Stereotype much?

  • Gabriel

    What a douche…

  • edgeboy1

    You do have to admit that there’s nothing wrong with seeing a load of hot cream on his chest!

  • Bryce

    I like smooth guys, he’s hot. Pity about the groin video though.

  • Milton

    Even if Scott shaved his head, which I would object to, & hope he never does, I would still do him. Speaking for myself, a shaved cheast is not a deal breaker. What I object to is when men shave their legs.

  • Nate

    Does he gets money from Gillette? what’s with all the product placement? is you-freaking-tube!

    • Of course not, but he certainly hopes so. Grrr… BTW what on earth is your avatar? 🙂

  • Deon

    he’s so adorable.

  • Nate

    So he’s hoping to land some sort of sponsorship this way? I don’t have any ill feeling toward him but he’s an idiot.

    Haha, Square you made me spilled my Coke Zero! (look i’m product placing!) I guess you can’t tell because of the size but it is a chinese dragon flying through clouds.

  • Jack Spencer

    Don’t Stop! The smoother the better!

  • freddy

    That dude would be perfection with hairy pecs.

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  • Duckhunter1

    I agree Doverdave we are hairy just dont look like a bear

  • Duckhunter1

    I agree Edgeboy about cream on his chest but I would want to lick it off not shave it off

  • Petewick

    He is so hot! Makes me wet! 😉

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  • WMassGuy

    There outta be a law against ruining a hot hairy chest with a razor!

  • Francois

    What an asshole!

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  • SHermanMunster

    What a transparent, egotistical, vacuous , self promotional, phoney  sack of shite! with all the depth of a saltine cracker.
    He’d probably attend the opening of an envelope if he thought he’d get media exposure from it .

  • robertg

    SHermanMunster: you need to be more up front about your likes and dislikes.  This is sort of….wimpy. 🙂  …opening of an envelope….LOL

  • Wayne

    What’s this rumour about him using growth hormone about, I hope it’s not true.

  • Nicolette

    Wayne I heard that to.

  • Michael

    You know, when that hair starts to grow out , I’d worry about chafe burns on my upper back…..but not TOO much! Anyway, this one’s too boyish looking for my taste. Give me Tom Jane or Jon Hamm over this one ANY day!

  • joe

    hasnt he come out yet??
    btw, he does have a hairy chest, we use to go to the same gym in MA

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