Stop It, Stop It, Stop It!

Scott Herman Shaving His Chest

I just thought that if I said it 3 times, this madness would end. Scott Herman (why do I have a strange feeling he is reading this) continues to push my button, in the friggin’ wrong way! He has posted a couple of videos about “How to Make Yourself Absolutely NOT HOT” on YouTube a while ago and it made my crotch angry! Unless he already has a blood signed contract with the follicle devils (Nivea and Gillette, among others), this is something he should stay away from. Things people do for monay! So wrong.

And is it true that models HAVE to shave their chest to oblivion? This has to stop. Watch the devastating clips after the jump, if you dare. I can’t.

1. Showering and Shaving

2. Shaving Your Groin

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