The Guttenberg in The Boyfriend School

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

It’s Guttenberg time! For those of you old enough to watch grown up movies in the 80’s, I’m pretty sure that Steve Guttenberg was a major item in your lust list. I weren’t that old then, but I knew what I wanted from the start. Here are some shirtlessness of Shia LaBeouf of the 80’s, Steve Guttenberg from “The Boyfriend School” capped by screedy1 at Dreamcaps (where else) who has been diligently capping Steve’s skin scenes from “Police Academy” to “Cocoon“. Unfortunately, it looks like someone threw five dead ferrets on his head and they have slowly decayed to form a mullet. Well, it was meant to be a wig but at least find a good one! Having said that, his body displayed here was in his prime so any kind of skin during that period is much appreciated.

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

Steve Guttenberg Shirtless

  • Matt

    I had a huge crush on Steve in the 1980s. These pictures bring back great memories!

  • DoverDavid

    I agree with Matt, had a huge crush on this guy and in looking at these picture’s, I remember why! Always wanted to follow that treasure trail to it’s end!

  • vanhenry71

    WOW! talk about a Memory! Loved it when he had long hair! where he now??

  • peter hayes


  • JT

    Does anyone notice that Glenn Howerton in the previous post looks a lot like young Gutenberg? They have the exact same body, almost!

  • Boris

    Oh! the cruel 80’s! That mullet is almost painful to watch… But the rest of the body is a delight as always…

  • He was one of the top money makers of all time for Disney and when they were done with him, they just put him on the curb.

    I always had a thing for him. We got one of his original shirts from the Police Academy films which is one of my favorite finds.

  • Milton

    WOW!! I’ve forgotton how deliciously sexy Steve was back in the ’80’s!!

  • Max

    Talk about a blast from the past! I used to fantasize about being the baby in Three Men & A Baby!! Three hairilicious guys n me!

  • Leo

    I love Steve! He has always had the hottest chest in Hollywood! Well to me at least. 😉 peace

  • Chi Chi LaRoo

    I think Steve Guttenberg rocks this mullet. It’s not really that trashy or redneck.
    I am NOT a fan of the mullet, in general. Somehow, though, he’s making it work, in this film.
    Steve Guttenberg was/is and excellent actor. I think he had a terrible agent, and didn’t really have an opportunity to show his range with the material made available to him.
    “The Boyfriend School” gives a glimpse of what he was/is capable of.
    Maybe he made some enemies. Maybe he didn’t have the stomach to make the crappy movies that Tom Hanks agreed to make. “The Boyfriend School” is a WAY better movie than “Sleepless In Seattle” or “You’ve Got Mail” (both of which, make me want to vomit if I am forced to sit through more than 10-minutes of either film. )
    In any case…Steve Guttenberg was a hottie in this film, even with this mullet.

  • mike64

    For some reason he looks good to me with his chest hair but, I’d still like to see him shave it once in a while.

  • Mark

    That hair-don’t is painful to look at, but that sculpted, hairy chest is delish.

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