Time To Put That Foul Tongue of Yours To Good Use

Allan Hyde Shirtless

So. Dirty. Allan Hyde is a little jailbait-y for my taste, so I’ll let you guys go nuts on this one. Assuming it’s lickable stain, we’re looking for any kind hearted volunteers lick it off Godric’s silky smooth body. We can never stand a sight of a dirty boy! I wonder if Tyler Shields (who shot these images) has more of where these come from, preferably sans oily stains. And pants. What. Who said that?

Tyler Shields via Just Jared

Allan Hyde Shirtless

Allan Hyde Shirtless

  • pierre

    he’s beautiful! thank you!!

  • Randall

    I loved Godric from the first time I saw him on “True Blood.” Then I heard his voice and that hot accent. Wish he’d been featured on “more episodes — and nekkid. Imagine someone staying that hot for over 2,000 years. The Danish actor is 19, and I cook and sew for him in my spare time.

    Thanks Square!

  • boydspence

    me, me , me pick me! ill do it. I freaking love Godric. i would have happily let me suck (he he he) me dry =D

  • WarpedRecord

    I prefer gravy to ink, so I must pass.

  • I don’t get the appeal of him. He’s all right.

  • You don’t get the appeal of Alan Hyde? Surely you haven’t been tuning into True Blood at all 🙁

    These are hot. Wish we could’ve seen more shirtless shots of him on the show though. I was so itching to post a Godrick clip on youtube, but had nothing to go off…

  • Liam

    If you didn’t see him in the show, I can totally see how someone would see him as Just Average. 70% of his attraction is his attitude and accent. Neither of which show up very well in stills. 😉

    He was nothing short of amazing on True Blood and I thank you for these images.

  • Rad

    Hmm, clean, tattooed, bowl haircut… not one bit hot. Covered in filth, messy hair… ABSOLUTELY FREAKING HOT!!! Go figure.

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