And Now, It’s Time for Some Disney Baddies

Disney Villains Shirtless

The last post has left me wanting for more, and after some serious investigation and research — we have found our Gaston. I somehow forgot that he’s in the villain category, hence he wasn’t featured in David Kawena’s lineup. These Disney villains’ shirtlessness were made by Lcslayer earlier which I believe have inspired David to do the heroes version in the first place. Love the furry detailing on Gaston, although I think Clayton would give him some serious competition *cough* muscle daddy *cough*. Also, Hades’ pose looks familiar, I wonder where he gets his inspiration from? Now excuse me while I go spend at least an hour under a long, cold shower (Captain Hook does that to me). This is the last cartoon post today this week I swear!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! (side eyes included)

1. Clayton from “Tarzan”

Clayton Shirtless

2. Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast”

Gaston Shirtless

3. Hades from “Hercules”

Hades Shirtless

4. Captain Hook from “Peter Pan”

Captain Hook Shirtless

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