Bromance on Survivor: Samoa?

Eric & John of Survivor: Samoa

I’ll have my eyes on these two like a hungry hawk. And yes, I still watch this show. Someone said to me (read: ME) never spread false news, but if you have to do it, put a question mark at the end. These two lovebirds dudes are John, the rocket scientist and Erik, the bartender (why do they ALWAYS have to be bartenders?). Thoughts?

Erik & John in Survivor: Samoa

Erik & John in Survivor: Samoa

How about it guys? No comment?

Erik in Survivor: Samoa

Erik in Survivor: Samoa

John in Survivor: Samoa

Also, since when they started to blur treasure trails? I didn’t get the memo.

Mick in Survivor: Samoa

Mick in Survivor: Samoa

  • thebigham

    Evil Russell is so hot. He shaved his chest and now it’s growing back in.

    • @thebigham OMG someone totally read my mind. Damnit.

  • Patrick

    I know Bromance when I see it – it’s obvious they’ve been making sweet jungle love – Samoan style.

  • Joe

    Re: “Evil Russel” – How anyone can find that bowling ball who thinks too highly of himself to be “hot” is beyond me. To each his own, I guess.

  • JohnT

    Samoa is TERRIBLE but this made it better… a little. I just keep losing all my favorites.

    BETSY </3 🙁
    YASMIN </3 🙁
    ASHLEY </3 🙁

  • squarebart

    When “straight” dudes love each other, it can be very obvious.

    I mean, dudes, go ahead and kiss. You know you want to.

  • bronz

    “Evil Russel” is superhot! And that Southern accent. I’d manipulate him with blowjobs if I were in the game.

    Erik and Mick are not bad looks-wise either, but there doesn’t seem to be enough oomph to their characters.

    Don’t care ’bout the women.

  • Yey, bromances are so cute!
    And you know, you should send a memo back saying it’s SO NOT cool to blur treasure trails or any male body part. Add to it “to blur is a crime”.
    Let’s all keep an eye on these two cuties.


  • James

    I think the blurring is hilarious. My favorite blurring was during China, when Amanda’s coochie and crack were blurred every.single.episode, because her shorts and thong were riding up so high. It earned her the nickname Bluranda <3 (which is fine, ’cause she sucks).

  • CRL

    Speaking of bromance, Erik wrapped both arms around Mick from behind as he was reading the scroll on the merge. It is a shame both Mick and John voted Erik off.

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