Empire’s 50 Sexiest Male Movie Stars, None of Mah Husbands Are In

Empire 50 Sexiest Movie Stars List

Empire magazine has recently published their list of 2009 sexiest male movie stars, and I just realized I’ve posted more than 90% of them. Perhaps this is the final sign for me to get a life? Let me think… NEVAAHHH! Anyways, I wonder who made this list in the first place? My guess would be a 30 something female senior editor who has watched “Twillight” at least twice (that could be me in 10 years). Where the fuck are MAH HUSBANDS?!? Paul Rudd should at least be in it!!! List of actors and their respective pages in descending order after the jump.

Empire Online via ONTD

50. Channing Tatum – “She’s The Man“, “Fighting“, GQ shoot
49. Shia Labeouf – “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints“, “Even Stevens Movie“, running
48. Keanu Reeves – “Much Ado About Nothing
47. Jensen Ackles – “Angel
46. James Franco – “Sonny“, “Milk
45. Cary Grant
44. Chris Evans – “Celullar“, “Fantastic Four“, “London“, early shoot
43. Tom Cruise – “Jerry Maguire
42. Antonio Banderas – “Original Sin
41. Chris Pine – “Just My Luck“, “Star Trek“, paparazzi shots
40. Colin Farrell
39. Zachary Quinto – “So NoTORIous
38. Ben Barnes – “Bigga Than Ben
37. Daniel Radcliffe
36. Kellan Lutz – InTouch shoot
35. Taylor Lautner – “New Moon
34. Jude Law – Paparazzi shots
33. Harrison Ford – “What Lies Beneath
32. Bradley Cooper – “He’s Just Not That into You“, “The Midnight Meat Train“, “Wet Hot American Summer“, “Nip/Tuck
31. Gael Garcia Bernal
30. Sean Connery
29. Ewan McGregor – “Down With Love“, “Young Adam“, “The Pillow Book
28. James Dean
27. Clive Owen – “Duplicity
26. Marlon Brando
25. Sam Worthington
24. Jason Isaacs
23. Will Smith – “I, Robot“, “I Am Legend
22. Matt Damon – “The Talented Mr. Ripley“, “Good Will Hunting
21. Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Departed
20. Sean Bean – Early shoot
19. Eric Bana – “Troy
18. Orlando Bloom – “The Calcium Kid“, “Troy
17. Paul Newman
16. Jake Gyllenhaal – “Rendition“, “Prince of Persia
15. Zac Efron – “High School Musical 2
14. Heath Ledger – “Candy
13. Viggo Mortensen – “A Walk On the Moon
12. Daniel Craig – “Love Is The Devil“, “Casino Royale“, “Flashbacks of a Fool“, “Tomb Raider
11. Ryan Reynolds – “The Proposal“, “Buying the Cow“, “Blade Trinity“, “The Nines“, “The Amityville Horror
10. Gerard Butler – “300
9. James McAvoy – “Becoming Jane“, “The Last King of Scotland
8. Alan Rickman (eh)
7. George Clooney
6. Hugh Jackman – “Wolverine“, “Australia“, “Swordfish
5. Christian Bale – “Reign of Fire“, “Equilibrium“, “American Psycho
4. Brad Pitt – “Troy“, “Fight Club“, “Thelma & Louise
3. Robert Downey Jr. – “Chances Are“, “Iron Man
2. Robert Pattinson – “New Moon
1. Johnny Depp – “Private Resort

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