How Does This Make You Feel?

David Beckham Shirtless

It certainly wasn’t the question of would you hit this or not, but what would you DO with it. As a long time fan of (reasonable amount of) facial hair, I’m willing to put my stamp of approval on David Beckham’s full grown face pubes. When you lack follicles in one part, you make up with another. Do you like it?

Woof woof images from Splash News

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

David Beckham Shirtless with Full Beard

  • chris

    as much as i want to fuck david when i see pics of him in speedo’s, these are just bad the tatoo’s and the facial hair just ruin it 🙁

  • theduckhunter

    his fugly and I would never touch him even if he was covered in caremel suace sorry not my cup of tea

  • Nix

    Personally Beckham stopped being hot circa 2003.

  • Two words: drop dead.
    this is too good to handle.


  • wmassguy

    I still don’t see what the fuss is about.

  • Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse

    I may be the only registered nurse who doesn’t find David Beckham “hot” in any way. He could walk next to me and I wouldn’t even look twice. That facial hair looks strange on him, not so much because of the thickness but because it looks fake somehow, like some wild animal just glued to his face. Odd.

  • Fabricio

    i don’t like him… but his beard looks SOO HOOOOTTTTTTTT

  • david, you have tatoos is very nice……… i like its.

  • coolrichie23

    i don’t care wethe he has abeard or not it is whats in side that count and i want to do him cause i love his body and i love him

  • David

    I like him better with scruff than with this beard. He has a hot body and evidently a big peen but he’s getting to the point of too many tattoos for my taste.

  • Zel

    I do not care anything about his Personal, Political, or Religious beliefs!

    I do not know one thing about soccer (futbol, fotbal, football — whichever, whatever)… I have never seen a game he has played in other than short internet clips.

    Nevertheless — I do not understand how any person — male or female – gay or straight — could NOT find David Beckham to be less than a TOTALLY beautiful man … the beard is no distraction for me.

    Just my opinion — and, to each his own, yes.

    ZEL — in Kentucky

  • friktion

    holy ish, soo gorgious! the beard looks amazing

  • Jen Keenan

    hottest photos ive ever seen of any one ever!!

  • kj

    Forget the beard. Holy bulge batman!

  • hotboyfucker

    MMMMMM!!! I think he is really hot I would like to boned up my arse so hard with his massive delicious cock!!! GOD HE MAKES ME FEEL HORNY by the sexiness of his body and ESPECIALLY THE SIZE OF THAT PACKAGE!! His face is also very cute indeed

  • Ilike2look

    Seriously we are adults. Are we squirmish cry babies about showing rear nudity? We all have buttocks whether male or female! Who wanted to see that? O.M.G. Take that off there. We don’t need to see that. For real! Grow up! P.A.C.

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