One of My Childhood Dreams Has Come True

Disney Princes Shirtless

Someone just paid a visit to the back of my brain and made these Disney heroes stripped down their bare essentials. I don’t know about you, but I used to have a MAJOR crazy type crush on Prince Eric (for the Spongebob generation, he’s from “The Little Mermaid”). I mean, deep blue eyes with jet black hair — you can never go wrong with this combo. These cartoon candies are from the talented David Kawena, and I think they’re pretty amazing. That said, although he has pretty much covered most of major Disney manwhores out there, he forgot about the biggest star of my childhood fantasy — GASTON! How could you not include that beast of a man in this lineup? I’d very much like to see him in jockstrap, or preferably a thong. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for CritterCakes at the forums for the hat tip!

Prince Eric Shirtless

Prince Phillip Shirtless

John Smith Shirtless

David Shirtless

Milo J. Thatch Shirtless

Sitka Shirtless

Phoebus Shirtless

Aladdin Shirtless

  • Amit

    Actually, if you go to this link here, you’ll see a lot more of these drawings…including Gaston.

    [And it’s HOT.]

    • @Amit Thanks for the link! See, this is what happens when you take a week off ONTD!

  • Amit

    @Square. LOL, NP. I squeed when I saw the pics here and remembered the way drool-worthy Gaston. And yeah, ONTD just moves so bloody fast, lol.

    • Oh and as much as I enjoyed Gaston being there, he doesn’t appear to be on the artist’s page (see edited post) and definitely not as nice and detailed as the others. 🙁

  • Fur

    I think I was the only one on ONTD that posted about Gaston being my favourite, lol.

  • Boris

    And of course, you all know that that movie, the Beauty and the Beast, was Disney’s contribution to the brainwashing of children: Hairy=bad, Smooth=good. I tell you it was just a big conspiracy!

  • Square, if you enjoy these, you might also enjoy a website called which features nothing but, well, as the name says, shirtless superheroes from comic books over the years. You’d think it would be boring, and yet, somehow, no :-).

    @Boris yes I’ve always resented the movie for that message too.

  • FYI Gaston is featured

  • Eric

    I remember seeing this a year or two ago and thinking, wow! But now that I’ve seeing them again, I think Aladdin looks kinda like Lady Gaga. Anyone agree?


    who drew these? i LOVE david from ‘Lilo and Stitch.’ best cartoon crush. love his face and pecs. but WHY, WHYYY did they have to give him the skeevy nipple right and make him the creepy leather freak? and he didnt have the rock abs in the movie either! i liked him more cuddley

  • sassywench

    Reminds me of Tom of Finland.

  • I like how everyone has virtually identical bodies. I think I know my type now–lithe dark guys. Because Prince Eric and Aladdin are the only ones doing anything.

    Anyone notice how Zac Efron (from the link) and Peter Pan (also from the link) look exactly the same?

  • theduckhunter

    what about Pan?

  • Dewey Mee

    Love Prince Philip! Would love to see a front view. Ever since I first saw “Sleeping Beauty”, I imagined this hunk of animated man shirtless.

  • vanhenry71

    LOL! That’s Great! Have a friend who is head of the math dept at my old College, and he don’t look a day over 35, BUILT SOLID like these guys would be if they existed! He was dressed at Prince Phillip for class 2 Halloweens ago, I had to excuse myself from class telling him he was a serious distraction! GREAT DRAWINGS!

  • Awesome! AWESOME! Very very nice. Keep ’em coming!
    So hot, my god!


  • vanhenry71

    The one that I saw on the other site of The Human version of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast looked like a Bass player I knew in 1989, from Bad English!

  • Emmel

    These pictures are, like, really old.

    But they never get me bored!

  • John O

    omg aladdin is soo hot. and so is hercules from that link. hot hot hot. used to love gaston but he just looks gross in that pic!

  • andrew

    i love this draws
    the disney “people” is soooo hot
    i love them all
    put more draws please

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  • Hey, I’ve managed to put together before and after versions of all the Disney Heroes…check em out on my blog:

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