One of My Childhood Dreams Has Come True

Disney Princes Shirtless

Someone just paid a visit to the back of my brain and made these Disney heroes stripped down their bare essentials. I don’t know about you, but I used to have a MAJOR crazy type crush on Prince Eric (for the Spongebob generation, he’s from “The Little Mermaid”). I mean, deep blue eyes with jet black hair — you can never go wrong with this combo. These cartoon candies are from the talented David Kawena, and I think they’re pretty amazing. That said, although he has pretty much covered most of major Disney manwhores out there, he forgot about the biggest star of my childhood fantasy — GASTON! How could you not include that beast of a man in this lineup? I’d very much like to see him in jockstrap, or preferably a thong. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for CritterCakes at the forums for the hat tip!

Prince Eric Shirtless

Prince Phillip Shirtless

John Smith Shirtless

David Shirtless

Milo J. Thatch Shirtless

Sitka Shirtless

Phoebus Shirtless

Aladdin Shirtless

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