The Art of Sucking It In

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Okay, who forgot to pass the memo to Eric Mabius? For your information, real men don’t suck their guts in (case in point, mah fourth husband — scroll all the way down). That said, I applaud him for his shirtless effort on this week’s “Ugly Betty”. In these caps made by JeffXperience over at Dreamcaps, Eric is trying to defy gravity because you know what a pair of tight swimming trunks will do to the guts that aren’t ripped. Darling, the scruff does more than enough for me so you can just EXHALE. In other news, the “redhead” tag has been renamed to “ginger”. Kindly be informed.

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

Eric Mabius Shirtless

  • Todd R

    He just needs to let it hang out.

  • Steve

    I don’t think that Eric has gained much weight. He looks fabulous.

  • thebigham

    And he has a little chest hair too…

  • Justin

    With a face like that, you can forgive a little. I can forgive this.

  • Mallory

    When you’re that #$#%#&(! handsome, it doesn’t matter at all that he’s gotten a little bigger. He still looks great. Damn hes a handsome man, and the scruffy beard….oooh, my.

  • ruby

    First, thanks for posting this so I can now take it off my tivo.
    Second, BRAVO to Eric for doing it! He looks like a “normal” guy. I love that. He looks like my coworkers. He’s not ripped and unattainable. He’s a 38 yr old man who works out, looks fit and enjoys his meals.
    Third, I saw that episode and was really surprised they shot the scene that way. It’s not a flattering angle for him. I can’t imagine the producers would a. allow an actress to gain any weight and b. shoot from an angle like that. I’m not knocking it, I was just surprised.
    Poor thing can’t grow a beard but he’s got such a great mug, he shoudn’t hide it at all.

  • Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse

    Yes, that scruff makes his even more desirble! Which I thought was impossible.

    At first I thought, well, someone hasn’t work out in a while, but then I remember that “Daniel” is supposed to be mourning Molly. He hasn’t shower, eating well, or work out etc. in months and this scene was a way of reflecting that, which made it even more touching. I love UB, such a great show. They can managed so much subletly even with all the hilarity and camp.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Something about him is just plain sweet…and brings out the mother in me (and I’m a boy). He may not be like that in real life, but still methinks he’d still be very tasty.

    BTW — you do know what Ginger means in Brit-speak, right? “Ginger-beer-queer.”

  • parker210

    Hell yeah, he should take his shirt off more often and let his little gut hang out. He looks so much sexier with that bit of extra weight,,,

  • chriso

    This cap is particularly amusing to me because I went to college with Eric Mabius when he was an overly musclebound, long-haired, L.A. surfer dude. I think he looks *infinitely* better this way – like an actual human being and everything! He should just relax.

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