Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Ever-generous Daniel Craig, way back when, circa 1998, plays George Dyer, the burglar-turned-lover of Francis Bacon — painter, poofter, and S/M aficionado in “Love is the Devil“. I first noticed darling ol’ Daniel in this slow bleak movie and have followed him like a little puppy dog ever since. I can’t say whether I like the younger slighter Craig or the pumped-up Bond version better. Oh, let’s face it, he’s one of those always-hot ones, not matter what the year, whether the muscles are big or not so big. He’s another great example — like Liev, like Clive — of making a not-classically-handsome mug work! p.s: The uncropped shot in the tub with winky you’ll have to find on your own.

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

  • white panda

    Who else has seen the full picture of Daniel Craig in the bath?

  • KarmaLysing

    Wow, they had “tighty-whities” and electric lighting back then!??!! :O

    Just kidding… Mr. Craig has been a major lust object for me since I first saw him in the first “Tomb Raider” movie… Or to be precise, since I first HEARD him, as I was in the other room getting a beverage… Oh, my LORD, that VOICE…

  • Is that Derek Jacoby in bed with him?

  • Joe

    Yes, that is Derek Jacobi.
    Fans of Mr. Craig’s should also check out the little-seen “The Mother,” a 2003 Brit flick in which he plays a London construction worker who has a torrid affair with a much older widow. Some very hot stuff in that one!

  • squarebart

    Joe, I second the motion on The Mother. And since I am a fan, I also liked him in Layer Cake, Enduring Love, and even Munich and Infamous. Also Flashbacks of a Fool has been featured here on SH — oddly flawed flick but worth a peek… Nowadays, he’s on Broadway with Hugh Jackman, (fuffamuffalah!) anyone in NYC?!

  • @Joe I’m *MORTIFIED* that I misspelled Jacobi. I hang my head in shame.

    @squarebart: “fuffamuffalah” I was going to (a) ask you what that meant (though I thought I could guess) and (b) ask you if I could use it, but I googled it and what should it do but point me to this on the squarehippies forum! I think I have just died and gone to heaven. And I thought I already had all the screencapped hotness of Steve Jones (of which there is a LOT). fuffamuffalah! fuffamuffalah indeed! :drool:

  • VERY annoying that wordpress doesn’t recognize a self-closed anchor tag. >:-<

    In any event, as for that youtube video of Dave planting a kiss on Jake Shears lips, I’ve seen that before and it’s fucking a-DOR-able the way Jake is just all a-flutter afterwards :-). *swoon*

  • Oh, and btw — SB, sweetheart, I just tweeted that “fuffamuffalah” is now my favourite word. And I credited you :-).

  • Yes indeed, Daniel is always always always hot, no matter what he appears in. BTW @whitepanda I have seen the uncropped tub shot with full winky. Fuffamuffalah.

  • squarebart

    Haha, you guys are funny. By all means, have full fun with “fuffamuffalah.” It’s about time it went global. I absorbed it from a BF years ago; it was probably original to him. I believe in sharing, so feel free.

    KarmaLy, I think we need a voice-off, so to speak, between DCraig and LSchreiber… don’t you!

    Justin, you called me sweetheart! You’re either a big ol’ queen or a very sweet man. I do like a sweet man… 🙂 ha! I like big ol’ queens too… we need our queens to push the envelope.

    Rene, I may have to point your site out to my pal from San Antonio whose got some commonalities… As you imply, the winky shot’s not hard to find — or hard either for that matter, haha. (hint) Site called celebitchy has way too much to see on M. Craig…

    Oh yeah, that video of the Jones/Shears kiss… well, fuffamuffalah (sigh) !
    See U in the forum, I’m on my way there now. Maybe something will happen.

  • KarmaLysing

    Squarebart – We can get a “Craig/Schreiber Voice Off”. All we need to do is have everyone rent and watch “Defiance”, then decide who has the more orgasmic voice (if, in fact, we CAN decide). I personally vote for “More, intensive, in-person research”. Heh. Heh HEH Heh. Heh.

  • white panda

    KarmaLysing, I think I would have to pick Liev over Daniel. From what i’ve heard about Liev’ member is that he’s hung.

    …oh and he’s purty too lol.

  • @squarebart — I am big, but I’m not a queen, alas; I don’t have the interior-decorating skills or taste in clothes and accessories. I’m a gay man trapped in a straight man’s body and lack of fashion sense. It’s quite tragic. 😉

    As for being a sweet man, I could hardly be the one to judge that :-). (Yes I can — I’m VERY sweet! haha.) Oh and boy, I like a sweet man, too. I’m a pushover for one. That’s why I made such a fool of myself over Preston. Those comments of his. Sweet AND hot. I didn’t stand a chance. *sigh* 🙂

    @everybody, I’m with white panda on this one. Liev Schreiber’s voice turns my knees to jelly. Hung or not, I don’t care. I could just let that voice wash over me … along with that chest-hair. Fuffa –FRIGGIN — muffalah

  • vanhenry71

    I have that pic og him in the bath with not a stitch of clothing! Surprised Square doesn’t have it or are we going for modesty?

  • rodthehorny

    man i always wanted this guy to sodomize me always and i mean always (seriously!).

    btw, great movie this is. saw it long time, one that i crave more from him.

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