Vintage Sam Elliott, Minus the Stache

Sam Elliott Shirtless

We have already seen Sam Elliott in his complete 70s hunk armor before; a sexy pornstache, thick wavy hair and a full jacket of chest hair. Take out the pornstache and I still think he looked amazing. This is one truly good looking, All American guy. He still does a lot of things to me now. Oh heck, I’ll add him to my DOMD list! These screen gems of a shirtless Sam Elliott are from the 1972 film “Frogs”, capped by our latest member of the super elite and exclusive Shirtless Alliance (I must be hallucinating again), Capped! and you can find a lot of overlooked films from way, way back to the 40s til the 90s there. I mean, Robert Mitchum, Chuck Norris and Tom Berenger all in one place? Hell to the yes! Anyways, I’m sorry to tell you that only 4 caps available here, I already requested for more but no reply so far. Maybe I need to work on my side eye skills a little bit more. Kidding!

Sam Elliott Shirtless in Frogs

Sam Elliott Shirtless in Frogs

Sam Elliott Shirtless in Frogs

Sam Elliott Shirtless in Frogs

Also, JUST BECAUSE. This particular cap does a lot to me, damn it.

Sam Elliott Shirtless in Frogs

  • DoverDavid

    Then or now doesn’t matter, still one woofy man!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Interesting indeed. I never took to Sam Elliot because I always hated the stash. So 60’s. So porn star. As an actor he mugs a lot and uses the stash to mug behind. (He’s doing some mugging in the final pic) It makes him a less-effective actor for me. Disliked him in pics for that reason.
    But without it I can actually say he’s a good looking man. With it — yuk!

  • WarpedRecord

    Wow, I could not disagree more with WannaBuyADuck because I think the mustache makes the man, but Sam is eternally handsome regardless of his facial hair. And he’s never shaved a strand of his chest hair, for which I am eternally grateful.

  • Todd R

    Any clue what he looks like now?

  • Anonymus Maternity Ward Nurse

    @Tood R.

    Just watch “The Golden Compass” and you’ll see that even in his golden (npi) years, Sam Elliott can make even an arctic polar bear stiff. lol.

    That’s said, he is handsome without the stache, but with it, he’s like the sexiest, hottest thing that ever walked the earth.

  • white panda

    I don’t know which version I like more: the hairy version or the slightly hairier version. Hmmmmm… I’ll have to think about it ;).

  • I’m glad you are enjoying my site, very happy to see it featured here. I have uploaded HQ screencaps for both “Frogs” and “Lifeguard” so do come and enjoy the eye candy!

    Glad to be part of the “super elite and exclusive Shirtless Alliance.” Haha!

  • Boris

    He looked fine without the stashe, but I prefer him WITH the stashe!

  • Damn!!! I was **JUST** last night thinking about how I need to cap those scenes from frogs as soon as I get back to Boston. That movie was one of the iconic moments of my gay youth (trapped once more between my parents on the couch, hiding my boner), and although there have always been caps galore of Sam-with-stache all over the net, I’d never seen caps of Frogs. Lost my chance to be the one to do it, but KUDOS (and thanks) to Capped! and Square for beating me to it :-).

    @WannaBuyADuck I’m with you on the ‘stache. Though I’d say “too 70s”.

    Now let me just enjoy the view for a while … 🙂

  • To see Sam in his physical prime – sans shirt & pants – check out the (not terrific) “Omen”-style thriller he did with his wife Katharine Ross, “The Legacy,” way back in 1979.

  • Penney

    I have been a fan ever since the 70’s when I saw “Lifeguard.” I have seen most of Sam Elliott”s films, but I recently found “Molly and Lawless John” I have been convinced that there were two actors with the same name, This guy doesn’t even Look like Sam Elliott and then there is the voice. If nothing else, the voice is different. What give?????????????

  • HugyBearMD

    Sex God, even at 60

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