When You Hose Johnathon Schaech, You Hose Him Good

Jonathan Schaech Shirtless

I didn’t watch this film, but from the looks of it Jessica Lange is giving Johnathon Schaech the hosing of his life! I’ll do the same thing but I’d replace the hose with my tongue. What. Who said that? Stop being disgusting. Anyways, these are capped by Capped! and may he continue to post more and more overlooked screen hotness on the interwebs. Click here to see a recent Jon and yes, I’ve spelt his name wrong. Just deal with it!

Johnathon Schaech Shirtless

Johnathon Schaech Shirtless

Johnathon Schaech Shirtless

Johnathon Schaech Shirtless

A little more skin, just because.

Johnathon Schaech Shirtless

  • Mmm. Very nice. Is it just me or does the next-to-last picture kind of almost look a little Peter Gallagher-ish?

    As for the last picture, VERY nice, but the placing of the towel is awfully frustrating 😉

  • KarmaLysing

    Dammit!!! He SHAVED!!! He’s so friggin’ hot I can almost forgive him, but it makes me sad. 🙁

  • Sigh. I just love him. How much? Enough to sit through some of those dreadful horror flicks to catch a glimpse of skin. And it usually doesn’t disappoint. Sigh.

  • ladym

    I love him, he’s easy to love. he makes my blood curddle, i cant get enough of Johnathon Schaech.

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