Who The Hollyoaks Omnibus Are These?

Hollyoaks Hunks Shirtless

For those of you who have seen “Little Britain”, please get it. I don’t really watch “Hollyoaks”, although it airs pretty much every hour of the day (I’m more of a “How Clean Is Your House” fan, but that’s another story) but these hunks are giving their American soapy counterparts a run for their hard earned, gym membership spent money! As we move towards the end of the year, here are my few picks of the months in Hollyoaks Hunks 2010 calendar, because the last thing we want to see on calendars are the ACTUAL FUCKING DATES. People!

More months available at Just Beautiful Men.

Anthony Quinlan Shirtless in Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2010

Ricky Whittle Shirtless in Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2010

Ashley Taylor Dawson in Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2010

Stephen Uppal in Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2010

Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2010

Also, this is what I’m talking about in the title.

  • Mikkao

    I’m soooooooooo in love with March and July. *.* Never knew that in Britiain they have such hunks.

  • Todd R

    All about January here.

  • Joanna

    Hey Boss Man!!

    I tried to look up to buy a calendar of these gorgeous men and no dice. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!. How do I get one!! Especially that gorgeously awesome Anthony Quinlan!!! OMG, he is totally hot!!! My birthday is in March and what a present to gaze my eyes on for a whole month, that Ashley Taylor Davidson can wake me up any day!! YUMMMM He’s better than cake!!

  • *OUCH!* 🙂

    Definitely Anthony Quinlan (January) for me, though I’ll have Ashley Taylor Dawson (March) for dessert. (Does one still say “pudding” in the UK?)

    Oh, and as for “How Clean is Your House”, love love LOVE that show. LOVE Kim’s gloves. And beehive hair. And dominatrix ‘tude when she comes in a house and talks about “Man Smell” :-). LOVE Aggie’s accent. Love when they show with a black light how badly most guys aim for the toilet :-). They did a brief show here in the US and they were on the whole much kinder to the American folks. They just didn’t rip them to shreds like they do in the UK.

    Plus, sadly, if we’re confessing here, I have a house that is well on its way to needing a Kim & Aggie intervention. Some rooms definitely would compete with some of the best of their shows. Thankfully not the whole house. Yet :-). Not being able to bring some guy over to see the squalor I live in is only ONE of the many reasons I’m still single :-).

    Now. Back to January and March. *swoon*

  • sassywench

    January and May get thumbs up!

  • Complex

    None of them really tickle my fancy. But January’s the cutest with the furry chest = ).

  • @Justin OMG Another How Clean Is Your House fan. We definitely need to start a club or something! 🙂

  • Michael

    i honestly watch if for Stephen Uppal (the one on the left that plays Ravi lol)

  • KMac

    Hollyoaks is also the show that brought us:
    Kevin Sacre

    Stuart Manning

    And Will Mellor


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