Again, Where Were These Guys When I Was in College?

Sheffield Hallam University's Rugby Hotties

These cheeky buggers! Do they seriously think that these camera phone quality images would really sell as a calendar? Honestly, lads… Get you act together! These poorly lit eye candies are the rugby players of UK’s Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), and I believe they should hire a proper fancy photographer for the job (I have a digital camera). That said, the left one seems to get my crotch more excited than usual, and it’s telling forcing me to shell out £5 for the SHU 2010 Nude Calendar. I must obey, because an upset crotch is never a good thing. Besides, it’s for a good cause — it always is! Anyways, if the furry hunk on the left went to an American college, I doubt that the fuzz will be there. Don’t you agree?

Sheffield Hallam University Rugby via Man of Austin (thanks Justin!)

SHU Rugby Hotties Shirtless

SHU Rugby Hotties Shirtless

SHU Rugby Hotties Shirtless

  • Boris

    I’m so glad that teen ager are now allowed to keep their fur! That waxing/manscapping madness must come to an end!

  • Good post, square, although I do think you would take better pics! It’s amazing how many of these calendars have followed in the wake of Dieux du Stade.

  • You’re welcome, Square, though it’s really my Yorkshireman friend @bm88 (on twitter) who deserves all the credit :-).

    Would these guys shave if they were Americans? I honestly doubt it. I’ve seen American athlete/fisherman/firemen/etc calendars and there is no shortage of fur pelts on those chests. Though if one were to hear Josh Cutie McHairy talk about it, shaving one’s chest is apparently a requirement in not only the gay world (a fad which *I* personally think is now passé) but even required nowadays by female CEOs/editors of fashion/health publications. All I have to say to that is “Bah!”

    • @Justin I really need to get my ass on Twitter. I think. New technology is scary!

  • Robert

    Yummy! I’ll take the whole lot of em!

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  • Todd R

    @Robert – share girlfriend. You can’t have them all at once.

  • vanhenry71

    OK the one lifting weights made me need a cold shower!

  • SureEnough

    Did the one on the left do stuff for English lads? Looks familiar…

  • Slick

    These guys are rugby players? Gimme a break. Most professional golfers have stronger core muscle groups than these kids.

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  • I


  • derrick

    All this teasing is becomeing too much for me.. OMG!

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