Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

Or should I say, guess this hairy chest, torso and everything nice! This actor is a MAJOR player in the screen fur industry, so for those of you who are keeping your eyes on the hairy chested business — this one shouldn’t be too hard to guess because how many actors do you know (films and television) that have total fur covered bods, especially in this day and age? Guess before you click!

It’s Eion Bailey! Eion is what hairy chested dreams are made of. Blessed with beautiful eyes, strong jawline, dark features and not to mention the FURRY parts, this actor flaunts his natural gift in an upcoming thriller, “The Canyon”. These quick caps are from the theatrical trailer, and you know I’ll be keeping my pervy eyes on this film like a hawk! Further investigation on his follicle hotness can be found here.

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

Sweetums, if I were you I’d lift his shirt a little higher.

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

Eion Bailey Shirtless in The Canyon

  • DoverDavid

    Wow! He’s cute and really hairy, I like the picture in the pants and green shirt were you can see the bottom of his hairy stomach, very nice!

  • Boris

    Eion Bailey is one of those underrated men in the industry. Anyway, I think he should join the no-shirt club.

  • @Boris. Agreed! At least most of his directors seem to find any and every excuse to get him gratuitously shirtless in just about everything he’s in 😉

    Thanks, @Square my <3. I can never get enough Eion. xo

  • Al

    Maybe you should change this website to

  • Todd R

    wow. that is just… wow.

  • Complex

    Holy WOOF!!! WOOF WOOF, I say!! I would marry him. I’ve only seen him in Center Stage. What a beautiful man. = )

  • KarmaLysing

    You gotta love those furry Irish boys…

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Patrick

    Holy Mother Of Pearl!

  • MichaelSATX

    Man what a cutie!!!

  • Glen

    Gimme one of those WOOF!!

  • Bobinsanjose

    Wow, i could bury my face in that body fur for days.

  • babyboi

    Omfg I cud play with his dick and lick his fur all day

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  • Mike

    Apparently Eion did Equus at the Pasadena Playhouse a few years ago– meaning– long totally nude scene in that play. So sorry I missed out on that. Move over Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Nix

    He’ll always be Webster to me.

  • robertg

    @Mike: Eion is a serious fav. I stripped the Internet looking for this possibility [staged 1997]. Even went to Pasadena Playhouse site. nada. The theater is part of Univ. of Calif. Pasadena. Even as liberal as that school is, I doubt full frontal nudity would be OK. sorry. 🙁

  • Tom

    What a furry beast. Love that!

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