Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

Who is this fuzzy wuzzy gym free bear with a banana in his hand? Honestly, I don’t know how many times he has been a “Guess This Hairy Chest” game material. Guess before you click!

It’s our resident hairy hottie Peter Sarsgaard from his current film, “An Education”! In this scene, Peter is reenacting one of my wet dreams, but instead of a banana, he… Never mind. Serious props need to be given to Squarebart for the heads up!

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in The Education

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in The Education

  • Hippy.

    PS, I love you. Heh.

  • Ralph

    “An Education” not “The Education.” Just so no-one’s confused. Good movie. Especially this scene.

    • @Ralph Thanks, mate! I stand corrected.

  • b2b

    OMG what was he doing? Showing a teen how to give a head with a banana? I mean that so turns me on

  • Ram

    Yay yay yay I got it right for once! I need a hobby…

  • friktion

    I got it right! Sarsgaard is so adorable

  • WarpedRecord

    Hello Square:

    Well, you pretty much gave it away with your clue, but methinks that banana should be upright!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (Those on this side of the pond, at least.)

  • It’s the lovely Mr. Sarsgaard of course. I just saw “An Education” this week. Wonderful!

    love love love your blog, btw.

  • Todd R

    God in Heaven!

  • First let me just say. Serious props always need to be given to Squarebart.

    Next let me say. Oh mama. I can just feel my palm on that chest. Mmmm.. 🙂

  • Love defines.


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