Happy Thanksgiving!

Sudeikis with Asparagus

Maybe it’s a little late but I’d still like to wish all of my American readers a very happy Thanksgiving! If you can, take a short break from stuffing your face with that turkey shit (quoting Preston) and leave your wish in this post. If there’s one thing I’d be thankful for this year, it’s definitely YOU guys! Co-authors, avid commenters, forum regulars, tippers (you know who you are) and especially lurkers (I’m giving my evil side eye, but you know it’s with lots of love).  Without you guys, I’ll be nothing but a glittery pink dust! Oh wait, maybe that’s just Justin. Heh.

Also, economy has been bad this year so we’re just having asparagus for dinner, hence the picture. Just kidding, you know it’s totally an excuse to spread some Sudeikis to the world.

  • Lemon

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am, by far, the most devoted lurker. Feeds and all!

    A heads up (because it will cause undeniably hot sexual activity in the vicinity of your pants area) but Lifetime is giving us an awesome early Christmas… a shirtless Josh Hopkins and many, many more (like Jessie Pavelka! Woof.)

    December 5th!


  • Boris

    I wish a happy thanksgiving to you too, even if a Canadian…

    If you would be so kind to feature actor Zen Gesner (the guy who played Sinbad in the last decade of the 20th century) in the future, I will have a thanksgiving service sung to you, complete with Te Deum and Hallelujah!

  • DoverDavid

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here in New Hampshire. Oh and Mr. Rudd says hello to the rest of you, seems he has a little too much to drink last night and had to sleep in my room. And can I just say, he’s good at playing hide the turkey baster with!!

  • Virtue

    I am totally one day late but Happy Thanksgiving Square ^^! /salute

  • Hippy.

    ‘Appy Tanksgiving!

  • theduckhunter

    yeah Happy thanksgiving and canadians do celebrate but its on a different day

  • kyle michel sullivan

    My Thanksgiving wish is Preston as “Adorkable Boi of the Year,” especially since my whole family ate at a restaurant and we have neither dishes nor leftovers to contend with. Totally worth it…as is he.

  • Hippy.

    ‘Appy Thanksgiving!


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