Has Jon Foster Become the Matthew McConaughey of Television?

Jon Foster Shirtless

A shirtless Jon Foster can be seen almost everywhere (search box is your BFF) these days, and I can’t help but wonder — has Ben Foster’s little brother become the television equivalent of Matthew McConaughey? Can you really have too much of a good thing? Here are some caps from last night’s episode of “Accidentally on Purpose” by Groopii featuring his lean lickable body in a towel with a toothbrush, yet again.

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Although he does not do anything for me, the extended shirtless scenes are really too much and you can tell the show is hurting in the ratings, so their doing what they can to keep the interest going.

  • Frank S

    Too much of a good thing? No way.

  • thduckhunter


  • Amit

    Pfft. He should be shirtless in every scene I think. Mrawr, baby.

  • Brendan

    I would so *not* mind if he became TV’s McConaughey. In fact, maybe a butt shot next time, pretty please?

  • Hippy.

    That damn side smile drives me wild.

  • Friktion

    This guy is soo cute!

  • KarmaLysing

    I think the difference here is attitude. Matteo is all, “HEY, LOOK AT ME, I DON’T HAVE A SHIRT ON!!!!” and Jon is like, “Oh, dang, how ‘BOUT that… I seem to have lost my shirt…”

    Oh, and the fact he’s Gingery doesn’t hurt in the slightest. heh.

  • b2b

    perfect medium size defintion and, those arms… only the tatoo is a bit lame to me

  • Don

    I absolutely love him
    sooooooo hot <3
    and the show is actually pretty funny
    can’t wait to see more shirtlessness
    hoping for some partial nudity!

  • wmassguy

    DESPITE the fact that he’s skinny and smooth, he’s moderately hot. Definitely hotter than Matthew! I don’t mind looking at him stripped to the waist.

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  • Love him. I read a review by a movie critic calling him “1 of 3 dudes I’d go gay for.” LOL

    I have Jon’s pants if you want ’em:

    • @LeadingMan OMG you’re back. I miss you, no kidding!

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  • Bob E

    There is something about Jon.
    Everything physically about him seems to fit together
    so perfectly. Nothing seems extreme but yet pretty steamy.

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