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Simon London Shirtless

I’m a little cunty today, so here’s some more bitchery — thanks to Jim and Jamie! You know what’s worse than having a shirt on a hot, hairy guy? Having him shirted HALFWAY. Why is this happening? I don’t understand? Simon London is a newcomer in the acting / skin baring business (I see you Googling right there) and for someone this GAWJUS, he should have his shirt off at all times. Furry chests need to be free, and it upsets me to see them hidden away partly like this. These TEASE caps are from a recent episode of “Legend of the Seeker”, provided by Jim, who obviously is another person I owe my first newborn to. Here’s to hoping more and more (shirtless) acting jobs for this cute furry manpie!

Simon London Shirtless

Simon London Shirtless

Simon London Shirtless

Simon London Shirtless

Simon London Shirtless

Simon London Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Very hairy and with that slight boyish good looks, nice combo.

  • Boris

    I acrualy like his greenish shirt. I even hope he star a trend… That way, it will be easier to determine if the guys I see on the street are hairy or not!

  • Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse

    Stop this madness! This is far from a “recent” episode. This is from last season, like from April (which is years ago in tv terms). I’m a huge, HUGE “Legend of the Seeker” fan. It was the only thing that kept me sane during saturday night late shifts among the crying new born tykes at the hospital and I can’t wait for season 2 to start this saturday Nov 7.

    So many hotties on that show! Most of them hairy as God (Satan?) intended.

    Square, check out episode 17 “Deception” and the mouth-watering chest of New Zealander Dean O’gorman as Carven Dunn. His everything and cute as an angel’s face will set your crotch on fire!

  • squarebart

    Mmmmm, manpie! Mmmmm, just Pie!

    That is one cute hairy feller. I got to get me some Legend of the Seeker!

  • Younger Desmond, is that you?!


  • Kyle Sullivan

    He’s almost elegant in his looks and how the camera loves him.

  • KarmaLysing

    The casting director for “LOtS” (and lots and lots… get it? heh) is evidently under orders to never, ever, ever, E.V.E.R. cast an un-hot extra.

    For which we should all be properly gorram grateful, I say.

    The amount of man-candy in that show is FRICKIN’ UNBELIEVABLE.

  • Jamie

    Thanks Square and Jim! You never fail to come through. Isn’t he just the cutest thing? So hairy. Hope he bares all soon.

    That episode may be old, but it just aired where I live. LotS is a great show for eye candy.

  • Lazycrockett

    The new season of Legend of the Seeker begins this weekend, check your local listings.

  • dannyc

    I saw that episode and was licking the screen. After I finished cleaning, I thought, “I bet this guy ends up on Square’s site.” Thanks Square!

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Ah, the dreams that I had
    Taking this furry lad,
    They made me so glad
    That I want to be bad,
    For he drives me quite mad
    With his fur much too clad
    In a shirt somewhat rad.
    So I dream…now I’m sad.

  • Nice discovery, Square. Never heard of this guy before.

    That smile of his in the next-to-last pic is killer. Dreamy :-).

    I actually kind of like the shirt. It’s not like it leaves much to the imagination, and it’s so loose it looks like it would be awfully easy to slip off of him. I kind of enjoy imagining that 😉

  • timmy

    wow…i’m speechless…i never thought this guy could be this hot…cant wait to see the rest of the carper…specially the part between the belly botton and you know what whew!!!..i’m burning here…more of him with less of the rest

  • bob

    nice furry chest…and I wonder what the belly looks like; I can just imagine

  • Claire

    I watched this episode and swooned like mad the whole time. I can’t believe he hasn’t been in much else.

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