Someone Has Been to the Gym Recently

David Duchovny Shirtless

And that someone is Fox Mulder, I mean David Duchovny! I don’t watch “Californication” but I think he is looking as fit as he ever been. In these caps by Superherofan, Agent Mulder is flaunting his new figure for all of us to drool at (or get mad at, depends but I’m not going to say the H word today) in last week’s episode. They’re a nice alternative to the teacup pictures you have in your computer for so long, aren’t they? To be Agent Scully was my ultimate dream in high school (among EVERYTHING else), and I don’t think I’ve taken any lust over Agent Mulder. Strange I know, but the reason is I was too busy salivating over their hot daddy supervisor, Walter Skinner! Not to hijack my own post (okay, not really), click here to see the hottest man in “X-Files” sans shirt. You know you want to!

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

David Duchovny Shirtless

  • Someone bulked up after Sex Rehab.

    This daddy is looking to fall off the wagon. And there is no shortage of people ready to catch him when he falls.

  • David

    those scientology boys like hanging out at the gym…must be something about the showers I guess.

  • Wow. I always had a warm spot in my … *ahem* … heart for David. And he certainly has been working out.

    If mine eyes (and memory) don’t deceive, me, however, I think he’s doing a little unnecessary manscaping with the chest hair …

    • @Justin I’m glad somebody finally mentioned the H word today!

  • KarmaLysing

    A lot of completely unnecessary manscaping, Justin… I need to abduct him and hold him in my bedroom a dark basement until his chest hair grows back. Grr… Uh… wait… Um… Okay, I need some alone time guys…

  • Um, he actually goes to my gym. I see him all the time, and yes, he works hard. I even wrote about it on my healthy living blog:

    I found your blog while looking at the stats for my own. How funny.

    • @Chelsea Thanks for the link, your blog is awesome. BTW I wonder what David will do if you give him a few winks. That should be interesting!

  • Whoa, he looks so good!
    hotter than in the 1st season. I never went further.

    very nice caps.


  • p51mustang

    Um, I forget guys- what’s the H word? Oh, husband? Hetero? Heroin? Help? He does look great, though- and he’s not exactly a spring chicken, either, like me. Hope!

  • Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse

    Rehab Ahab! He was sexing up the staff at the center. We nurses have connections with all facilities and from the highly classified intel I received he’s far from rehabilitated……. Good for him to stil look good.

    @Square: you could have mentioned to those not in the know that superherofan also has a bit more of his *workout body* in display.

    • @Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse ROFL your comments never fail to amuse me, just looking at your nickname is enough! And yes, Superherofan has the goodies but you know they won’t be safe here. There are too many wolves about. Awooo…

      @p51mustang That’s it. Pack your bags and go to detention, because someone is playing around too much in class! H stands for something I hold dear, and I’ve been criticized before for mentioning the H word too bloody much. Got it yet?

  • @Square: You know, I’ve often wondered what would happen if I just went up to him and said, “David, I loved your performance in “The Televison Set,” that movie was so poignant.” I don’t want to be obnoxious though, so instead I just stare at him secretly while pretending to do cardio.

    Also, my protective father’s response when I told him about the D.Dove sighting at the gym was, “Be careful, sweetie. He’s a sex addict.” Ha, good ole’ Dad.

  • I’ve always loved Duchovny’s build and the way his chest fur fit into it. What’s with this barely there look these days? I’ll be glad when THAT fad is over.

  • michael

    im sorry to be “base” but is that man hung or what? good evening. id love to see those jeans walkin towards me.

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