Tea, Anyone?

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

This isn’t exactly a Guys with iPhones post (it’s been a while), but something like a leaked set of self loving images of Cleveland Indians baseball hunk Grady Sizemore is too good to pass. They’re supposed to be for his Playboy Playmate girlfriend’s eyes only, but why not spread the love to millions instead? Brittany Binger being an angel that she is, did what all girlfriends with hot boyfriends should do in the first place, SHARE. These are originally posted via email at the magnificent ONTD, and more narcissism shots can be found there. Now do baseball players take their shirts off after matches, because they freakin’ should.

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

Grady Sizemore Shirtless

  • squarebart

    Waiter! Oh, waiter! I’ll have a cup of tea, please. Yes, hot tea… really hot… And… waiter? Would you leave the teabag in the cup, please? Better yet, just leave it right here on my forehead, on my face, wherever, you know, on my chin. Thank you, you’re a dear. Big tip comin’ your way…

  • b2b

    nothing i haven’t seen before, except that, did he get waxed down there?

    The original post has been deleted…I guess Square wouldn’t be obliged to pull this down

    • @b2b It’s only a matter of time til this hunk reached us. Til then, I hope people have enough time to salivate over these.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    I’ve always thought GS was one of the really hot men to play the sport. Now I know why. He has the body to match that great face. I read that he’s looking to sue whoever downloaded these shots from his girlfriend’s computer. Grady, get over it! You just made thousands of new fans.
    Now that you’ve broken the ‘baseball player ice,’ Square, how about a series on Brad Ausmus or Greg Dobbs or Joe Mauer or some other hot shirtless baseball studs! There’s a lot of them out there.

    • @WannaBuyADuck I couldn’t agree more. The same goes to EVERYONE who emailed me to take their pictures down. They really need to follow the role model in niceness, Preston. πŸ™‚ Anyways the rule of thumb is, once you have something on the internet, it will be there FOREVER no matter what.

  • Wow! Very hot guys πŸ˜‰

  • May

    Oh no you did not leave the seat up!! Ugh

    (thanks to Google cache)

  • @squarebart: lmFao πŸ˜‰

  • kyle michel sullivan

    1. Very good looking if a bit too waxed for me.

    2. His clothes closet does NOT have a door right by the toilet? Not seriously!!? Who the hell designed that abjectly stupid placement?

  • Hippy.

    Lovely. πŸ™‚

  • I think I’ve stopped breathing. God.. god is good. Square you’ve outdone yourself!

    (Oh and I have another guy for you to check out: Mark Salling. From the Glee series!)

    Thank you again for making my day!

  • jssy104

    Ah yes….Square you are fulfilling my love of athletes…..This boy is one of my favs (ya know being an Ohio gal and all have to support my state)….

  • You do realize that you can see his balls at the 1st photo?

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