The Staal Brothers: What Ginge Dreams Are Made Of

Don’t throw away your pumpkins just yet! We still have one more reason to extend the Halloween this year. Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared — these are the names that will be heard in my gingy dreams tonight. Yes, they’re a little buttery but it’s been a while since I’ve had one of those, so I present you the Staal brothers of Canada! These delectable tangerine bonbons hail from the cradle of hot males and I’m sure they are neighbors with this shirt-repelling snowman *packs bags*. The Staal brothers are actually ice hockey players in the NHL, and all thanks go to one of my favorite shirtless alliances; Lavender Ranger at Caramelitos Varoniles which is THE best place to discover new and underrated hotties on the interwebs!

  • Suddenly, I’m a hockey fan.

    It’s like a long lost warrior branch of the Royal family has been discovered in the New World.

  • Boris

    It’s a well known fact: Canada can produce some fine looking men! (must be something in our water).

    But that doesn’t mean that other countries don’t produce equaly fine young stalions! (I just don’t want to be called chauvinistic!)

  • Dream it is, indeed.
    my god, someday I’ll have my very own ginger man.


  • Josh

    Oh my. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Fine, fine ginger men.

    And I hear you Joe…not very many redheads in Wichita and certainly very few gay ones. The only one I know of has a man, sadly….

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