Woofworthy Phil Baroni

Phil Baroni Shirtless

There’s only so much you can write about hot men, so for today I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. It’s Phil “New York Bad Ass” Baroni, and he’s an MMA fighter (that’s mixed martial arts for you and me). We’ll see how scruff and a reasonable amount of chest hair (he trims a lot but I forgive him) can make a lot of woofy difference, after the jump. And yes, that sweaty picture of Phil does A LOT of things to me too.


Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless


Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

Phil Baroni Shirtless

  • johnloche

    omg… he look soooo hot in the later pics…. that hair on his chest…..i’d want his spunk all over me… : P….

  • Big Dave

    Why would anyone want to hit this thing of beauty?

  • Dan

    Perfect. I glad you opened up to MMA.

  • Kevin

    Hmm. Interesting, but not feeling it.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    I’m not usually into puffed out beef cake, but this is one very hot piece of NY Eye-talian sausage. Reminds me of my high school prep days in NYC when I ‘ate’ Italian sausage in the locker room. I wonder if his balls smell like provolone.

  • Sargon Bighorn

    More men should work out and build nicer bodies on which to gaze. It sure don’t take brains. And having a well kept body looks good at 20something like what’s his name the boxer, and 50something. Men when they make the effort can be hot. Most just don’t seem to want to make the effort.

  • Taylor

    he’d be the fuck of the century

  • WarpedRecord

    Lovely to look at,
    so nice to hold
    But something about this himbo
    just leaves me cold.

  • Sam

    I think I’m in love!!!

  • wmassguy

    One word: “Woof!”

  • squarebart

    Men do look better after they quit using steroids! He hot!

  • Bob G

    spectacular! nevermind the incredible body…look at that face…*hyperventilates* thanks square for this morning pick-me-up!

  • Anonymous Maternity Ward Nurse

    I don’t really pay much attention to this particular specimen but I’m glad you are opening the site to the MMA at long last! I’m a complete obsess fan (I’ve gone to Vegas for some live title events) and it is the ONLY reason I even tune into the Spike channel. You’ve just opened the doors to a flood of hairy, sweaty, men meat. keep it going.

  • The Wire Hanger

    @Kevin and @WarpedRecord,

    I feel your sentiments exactly. This guy is beefy hot… but he leaves me cold as well and I think I know why (at least in my case). There’s quite a bit of a turnoff when the narcissism oozes through two-dimensional pics. Models, professional photographers, and 90% of the subjects Square pics have the ability to subtly conceal narcissism or are genuinely not narcissistic. This guy looks like the kind of douche that brings all subjects of conversation back to him. A lot to read in a person based on pics alone? Yeah… but that’s how I sees it.

    The Wire Hanger

  • My God, he’s hot! In the first pic, he’s actually big and hot enough that not having chest hair is kind of acceptable (extremely rare), though I still strongly appreciate the chest hair afterwords.

  • Hair + Sweat + Hot Body = HAWT!!! I wouldn’t mind getting in the cage with him and I don’t mean for fighting 😛 hehe. And I’m from the UK, I don’t get why it’s pronounced eye-tal-ee-an over there… but nevermind i love italians 😛

  • ruby

    he’s hot (and sweaty) which is super nice but my, um, heart (or something) belongs to matt hughes.http://www.matt-hughes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1707
    and his whole guns and bible enthusiasm just makes me wanna “drop them pants and squeal like a pig”

  • A big fan

    HE’S MINEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Hippy.

    @Taylor: the hell he would!

    He looks like a hotter, more beefed up version of Colin Farrell.

  • Friktion

    daaaaaamn, hot

  • Joanna

    Hey You Gorgeous Men,

    Sorry been away for a bit. School’s been a really busy time for me and now that things are calming down a wee bit,I get to come back and see all these beautiful and breathtaking men again!! This man is certainly worth more than a second look, maybe several hundred second looks and I love him in the NOW!!!

  • timbeau

    Not only is he handsome, hairy, and built. He is uncircumcised too. He is everthing thing a MAN should be.

  • Jim

    Check out the Basket Sweat on the red shorts of the photo of him on the excerise bicycle…pure Man Smell!! Woof!!

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