Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

Who might be the owner of this gloriously carpeted chest? Some clipping action has clearly taken place, but being the softie that I am, it’s all forgiven. He’s not American, or European. That leaves only one area in the world where you can find such beautiful male specimens. Those who watch a lot of telenovelas should get this right.

It’s Argentinian born Martin Karpan, the hottest piece in Telemundo’s “El Rostro de Analía”. Yes, I wrote that as if I have a clue but life is all about learning isn’t it? I really think it’s the water in South America that made these guys look like a cold glass of iced tea on a sunny day. Drink up, boys!

Martin Karpan Shirtless

Martin Karpan

Martin Karpan

Martin Karpan

  • DoverDavid

    These men need to put down the shavers and razors…..why is having chest hair such a bad thing? So this guy doesn’t shave it off, what’s the point of trimming it down

  • eagander

    Gorgeous man, yes, but another chest ruined by a bad haircut. He should sue his stylist.

  • IowaBound

    Sebastian Rulli is another very hot Latino soapstud. He is sometimes hirsute but sometimes (sigh) shaved. He does some modeling and acting, too. He’s also an Argentine, but I think he now lives in Mexico. Viva Mexico y viva Argentina!

  • Joanna

    OMG!!!! I truly do need to move to Argentina!! If they make them that drop dead gorgeous there, me arse is on it’s way!!! YUMMMMMM

  • WarpedRecord

    So can we buy the clippings of that beautiful fur on eBay?

  • Henry

    he’s delicious. and his accent must be sexy as hell. i love argentinians.

  • michael

    if you want to see phenomenal men…..try turkish or israelie men. middle eastern men put any other man on the planet to shame….this guy does got it goin on tho. wow. more pics of him would be nice…

  • Ph

    Just passed by to mention that you don’t actually have to be born in the US to be an American, huh?

  • hey


  • Joany

    This is what I’m talkin’ about!!!!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I will have some awesome dreams tonight!! Where the hell were all these gorgeous men when I was yopung and fairly pretty? Damn, I always miss out!!! But at least I get to look and drool with the best of them. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Boss Man!!

  • Jasper

    What a shame – imagine how sexy that chest would be with all of its natural hair. Those dark piercing, embracing eyes, those full pink lips – imagine would they could do. Wow! I knew an Argentinian man in grad school who had a fur-covered chest like that. It’s a wonder I passed the class with that distraction. But sadly experience has taught me that Argentinians aren’t a pleasure to be around for long (dating anyway). Arrogance abounds. (so get some good use out of their sweet asses, then cut your loses and run away quickly, not looking back.)

    To illustrate, here’s a joke told to me by a half Argentinian woman while I was in an Argentinian market. It was told to her IN Argentina; she told it to her Argentinian here in the states who laughed and said that it’s EXactly head-on true:
    How does an Argentinian commit suicide?….. He jumps off his own ego.

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