Guess This Treasure Trail

Guess This Treasure Trail

Hmm okay. Since it’s the Christmas Eve and all, let’s put a little twist to our regular “Guess This Hairy Chest” game. Fine, I always make excuses based on holidays. The real reason for the name change is this actor doesn’t really have a hairy chest to begin with. A little sprout, but that’s just about it. Guess before you pig out on that delicious turkey!

It’s Josh Hartnett from the film “I Come With the Rain”! I’m not sure what’s this movie is all about but it looks like Josh Hartnett is going to be lying down shirtless in the dark a lot. This is how I like my artsy film. “I Come With the Rain” also star (shirtless) Korean and Japanese heartthrobs Byung-hun Lee and Takuya Kimura. I’m still going to cap this piece of hotness to oblivion despite the absence of fuzz. Believe it!

Josh Hartnett Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

Josh Hartnett Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

Josh Hartnett Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

Josh Hartnett Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

Josh Hartnett Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

Byung-hun Lee Shirtless in I Come With the Rain

  • A sprout on the chest is worth more on the belly! Hot! 😉 peace

  • theduckhunter


    YUMMY! I would suck those belly hairs

  • The Wire Hanger


    Best twist on any game EVER! Please make this a more common game on your site. It doesn’t have to be as frequent as “Guess This Hairy Chest”, but please bring this game back. I know some of your fans dig the treasure trail (OMG did I just pun?) as much as most of your fans dig the hairy chest.

    The Wire Hanger

    • @The Wire Hanger I agree that we have to diversify our guessing game, and believe me you’ll see a lot more variety next year. Thanks for playing!

  • Hmmm… was never into him before but that is certainly tempting.

  • Phil


    Nice twist on the game line Hanger says-this should be a regular feature…

    Here’s hoping you and yours had a wonderful um crotch filled holiday(that goes for everybody on the site)-I know mine was…Had to go to the store and my fave hot clerk was workin'(he looks a lot like Shaun Hatosy)…Sigh…

  • Jamie

    Cannot agree more that this should be a regular thing– I can quickly become obsessed with that thin line of hair going south on a hot guy. Mmmmm

  • matt

    Josh has one of those fine bellies and belly trails that you just want to carress for hours on end.

  • stomachgrowllover

    is he hungry or having a belly ache? his body is so hot!

  • babyboy

    He always had that hot “HAPPY TRIAL’…

  • Don

    Why hasn’t anyone commented on the sexy innie navel. Deep innies and a hot guy simply make me melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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