It’s About Bloody Time!

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

FURst of all (that didn’t work, did it — I need to stop trying), I would like to apologize to all of you beautiful people for not posting these earlier. Again a sin has been committed and I’m trying my best to repent. Mike Rowe was shirtless in this week’s episode of Discovery’s ultimate daddyfest that is “Dirty Jobs”, and it’s about damn bloody time! If I was the producer, I’d make him do the entire season shirtless, although it can be a serious threat to the nation’s health situation. By nation I mean my crotch and its associates. They’re trembling in lust as we speak and needed urgent attention (like Mr. Rowe here). These are capped by scorchingheat over at Dreamcaps with a clip by moi, because Mike’s fuzz need to be experienced in motion. Now, I need to immediately surrender myself to this hairy daddy and tend to his needs. Later, bitches!

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

One thing for sure, he’s not going to be in this condition after I’m done with him. Is that saying too much?

Mike Rowe Shirtless in Dirty Jobs

  • white panda

    : ))) thanks Square!

  • michaelSATX

    So hot!!!

  • rodthehorny

    Mike Rowe please give me some baby, i beg of you :p. I want your love seed all over me. Totally.

  • David1969

    Thanks Square for the early Christmas present….what I wouldn’t give to find “Daddy Mike” under my Christmas tree…..I do thank the Good Lord above that my new beau has a chest much like Mr. Rowe’s….very hairy and well defined…..YUMMY!!!!

  • r anderson

    A true gentleman like your self is to be apprecialed for you contribution to the gay hard on

  • Joe

    I wake up every morning wishing this man hunk was spooning me.
    asking me if I want to go out for breakfast, or just stay in bed all morning
    and make love.

  • deon

    Oh. My. DAMN!

  • Sammy

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • squarebart

    I just have to say…

    that he probably WILL be in that condition when YOU are through with him…

    …cuz I know you will WEAR. HIM. OUT!


  • Do you think he knows he has so many gay fans?

  • squarebart

    1st, Square, I see now your comment referred to “extra virgin” — I guess my mistake was obvious… you understand.

    …and to Todd, I bet he does… he’s been in San Francisco since ’01 at least. You can’t live here without becoming aware of the gay community.

  • Henry Holland

    Dayum, give me that over some hairless twink any day!

  • Conquiring Fools

    In the “extra virgin” picture, do you think hes a boxers or breifs guy, i think breifs or else we would see a bigger bulge in my opinion.

  • ND Mitchell

    If he’s sick, you know the cure…just take his temperature with “his” therometer and build up that sweat to get rid of those nasty germs and sickness. Keep doing that every few hours until completely cured.

  • TK

    Did anyone catch the part where he said, “when it comes to straddling the crack, you either have to be top or bottom”… I think Mike knows he has a huge fan base!

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  • j

    I wanna makelove 2 Mike Rowe and work those hot hairy pecs & nips

  • jake27

    Jeez, great fur on Mike. Unzipping as I write.

  • hotmouthfordad

    by the looks of it, he’s playing with his big daddy tool. any idea how big it is? anyone know of any nude pics of Mike and Phil?

  • freddie

    hey mike rowe if u want a good time text my cellphone 267-275-3347 freddie

  • Tom

    I think he’s a closet homo 🙂 It would explain his endorsing and voting for Romney.

  • pyewackett

    Used to fine, but something looks just wrong now.

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  • tommy5677

    Every week America waited for Mike to take his shirt off, and often he did. I also believe he is a closet, self loathing homo. I think he’s one of those guys someone should follow with a camera and when he’s busted, go public with it. I think the “something looks just wrong now” is that he gained weight.

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