Rob Corddry in Hot Tub Time Machine

Rob Corddry Shirtless in Hot Tub Time Machine

“Hot Tub Time Machine” sounds like a teenage B- movie staring total nobodies and something that I watch just to scout for some skin scenes. Well, this film has John Cusack in it so it’s totally different, right? I guess they were trying to recreate the magic of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” or something like that. Rob Coddry has been on the film and TV world for quite sometime now and I wasn’t aware of the existence of his luxuriously hairy chest — as seen here. These are caps from the theatrical trailer, the movie itself will be released mid March next year. I’m just puzzled why John Cusack put his robe back on in the hot tub. Isn’t that supposed to be illegal or something?

Rob Corddry Shirtless in Hot Tub Time Machine

Rob Corddry in Hot Tub Time Machine

Rob Corddry in Hot Tub Time Machine

  • undapantsman

    mmm, love the pelt on Rob! I’m not to big a fan of John Cusack but I’d check out this movie for the potential scruffiness. yay! haha

    Merry Christmas, Square!

  • Julius Seizure

    Corddry – nice fur but my Zod is he ever funny?

    Yeah, he needs something in him mouth to keep him from talking. Hmmmm

  • Todd R

    I’d join the hot tub with him.

  • WarpedRecord

    I’ve always found Rob extremely hot, and I’m pleased to learn he’s extremely hair as well. I’ll bet he smells great …

  • Reese

    I’ve found Rob humorous, intelligent and good looking, but after seeing these photos I’m upgrading him to handsome and manly. As for the comments about John Cusack, I doubt he’ll show any skin. I’ve noticed that he’s one of those actors who will do anything not to show their chest. Even if it distracts from a film, makes a movie scene awkward, or it’s it’s on a beach, a love scene, or in a shower, John Cusack will cover himself up. Michael Douglas and one of the Sheen brothers do that also.

  • jake27

    That is great fur on Rob. In order to be REAL chest hair, it has to wrap around the nipples, as his does. Would like to investigate his trail.

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