Rob Stewart in Broken Lullaby

Rob Stewart Shirtless

My hair-dar is tingling a lot lately, so that means somewhere on the vast galaxy of the internets, some caps of a beautifully hairy chested man are available and waiting to be posted here. Think of me like the Indiana Jones of skin (okay, not really)! One of my favorite blogs, Capped! continues to post hotness after hotness of undiscovered and overlooked men, and this time we get to witness the unveiling of furry Canadian Rob Stewart (not be confused with this one) in 1994 film, “Broken Lullaby”. I haven’t seen this film or have any idea who he is, but Rob has something that I want and that’s all that matters. A nice review on the movie and full sets of high quality caps are available here for your perusal. Another hot one will follow suit, because I can’t help it.

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart Shirtless

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

  • the_man

    i want to live in his armpits. lol

  • WarpedRecord

    Hey the_man: You take the left, I’ll take the right!

  • bro

    Rob Stewart was in this tv show called ‘Sweating Bullets’ aka ‘Tropical Heat’, where he played a private detective living in Florida. He was so hot in that show – half the time he was shirtless and he had a smokin body.

  • DoverDavid

    Mmmmm nice pit!

  • KarmaLysing

    I have lusted after this man for many a year… MANY. A. YEAR.

  • Phil

    I find it interesting that other countries don’t seem to have the anti chest hair bias that the US does-of course other countries also don’t subscribe to the if you’re over 35(that’s 177 in US Gay years) you are supposed to shut up and die idea either…

    I help on a site where we give the guys a vote once a month-to choose a vid to watch all month scene by scene(i.e. scene 1 one week,scene 2 the next and so on)anyway this one kid commented on one vid that “I don’t want to see MIDDLE AGED men f**king”…The oldest guy in the bunch was maybe 32…

    And God forbid you add on a pound or two and say something untoward to some pretty young 20 something like-“Hey how’s it going?”…

  • Canadian yumminess.

  • p51mustang

    Hey, I remember “Sweating Bullets”- it was part of a CBS plan to schedule hour-long shows at 11PM, since they didn’t have a late-night talk show. I watched Rob Stewart with rapture- he was shirtless quite a bit. He also played on a syndicated action-adventure series on cable for a while. I miss you, Rob!

  • Nyles

    Yep Liked him as of “Sweating Bullets:Aka Tropical Heat got my crush on him when he was in that show along with Ian Tracey when he joined in year 3 of Sweating Bullets (Frequently he was indeed Shirtless most of the time but when he had a shirt on it was often “Loose open Unbuttoned” referring to the other cable show “Painkiller Jane” .

    not heard of this film

  • Great post, Square, and I have to agree with the above commenters about “Sweating Bullets” – a true guilty pleasure. Was happy to see that I’m not the only one who remembers this TV show. Stewart was really funny and sexy as a detective in Mexico, I think: wonder whatever happened to him?

  • marci

    You now can catch Rob as a Hitman on the new CW show called Nikita. He plays Roan and will be in a number of episodes and hopefully will see him with more of a speaking role……

  • Your article was excellent and eudrite.

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