Run Free, Chase Armitage

Chase Armitage Shirtless

Until today, I have no idea who Chase Armitage is. But salivating over his pictures at Tottyland made me wanting for more, so me and my inquisitive crotch went out on a mission to do some research on this fit British lad. Well, Chase is a professional freerunner, in a new kind of urban acrobatics called parkour. This means that he’s running and jumping all over the place like he has giant springs built into his feet. It is also the main reason why he looked like that. He made it as a Snatcher in the next Harry Potter film but I think it’s a shame that Snatchers are fully clothed. One thing for sure — Chase is more than welcome to run all over my uhm, nether regions. There is so much to explore!

Chase Armitage Shirtless

Chase Armitage Shirtless

Chase Armitage Shirtless

Chase Armitage Shirtless

Chase Armitage Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    Martial artists are nimble. Parkour stylists take “nimble” to the next order of magnitude. There is no downside.

    Historically speaking, one of my first posts was about David Belle (or Bell, I’ve seen it spelled both ways), the French martial artist who helped develop Parkour. He’s nimble too.

  • Ronald Schaffer

    Oh my god he is so handsome & sexy

  • nice

    if he would parkour me….

  • Liam

    You should check out the film ‘District B-13’. It’s the “surfer movie” for parkour. Plus the two leads are stunningly hot and shirtless for a lot of the film. 😉

    But yeah, hard to have a bad body when you do that stuff all day!!

  • vinvinjacla

    wish he was my boyfriend….

  • KarmaLysing

    Liam – as it happens, “District B-13” is the movie I referenced in my post. 😀

    I own it. I watch it. A lot. Heh.

  • squarebart

    Yeah, me love you long time — parkour dudes…

    ‘specially David Belle…

    apparently parkour rips you…! me likey Luc Besson in generale…

    I have District B13 too, there was supposed to be a sequel, where’s that? O, here… B13-U: BANLIEUE 13 ULTIMATUM

    ******* OK just bought it on EBay

    muckme, stay tuned for caps! oxo SB

  • zurvivor

    he is so hot.hotter than volcano.

    i would like to get photos from it ok for non commercial and self collection purpose or forum sharing purpose?

  • zurvivor

    sorry for duplicating posts.have technical problem just now.

  • EmM/

    Grrrrrrrr, just so damn HOOOOOOOT!

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