Share The Love Part 3


On this edition of “Share the Love”, we only have one hot and fuzzy sign bearer. That’s okay, because even without signs and shirtless pictures of yourselves I know you guys still love me (hallucination much?). Besides providing shirtless celebrities for you to drool at, it makes me happy if I can make someone happy as well. This furry cuteness is Frank from Miami, and he was hoping to surprise his husband who is also hairy and a huge fan of the site (I might be hallucinating again but this time they’re his words not mine, I swear!). Well, I hope that he reads this and keep a close eye on Frank — because he’s one hot tamale!


  • busterboy

    WOW!!! Frank is one hot man. His partner better keep an eye on him. But looking at him I think there might be a lot to share!! I can dream anyway!
    Thanks for getting my morning off to a BIG start.

  • john ince

    frank is cute, i wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

    you guys would love a great piece of prime british beef. look up superg1 on you tube, now he is a treat. gay too, he has a site on gaydar, same name i think. have a look and enjoy.

    happy 2010.


  • Thanks to Frank … for the tease! No, he looks great. And I’m sure his partner got a good kick out of it. As for superg1 on youtube … what a cutie! Didn’t want to see him lose any of that great upper torso fur. But, when he did, it was nice to see those pink nips of his stand out.

  • nich

    Hottie! The Madonna poster in the background helps a bit too…

    I just out gayed myself.

  • Bren

    That picture creeps me out…

  • DoverDavid

    Pass up superg1 on youtube unless you like watching some one trim their chest.

  • Nice fella, so cute!


  • Strepsi

    Hope he sees it!
    Frank: are those bongs by the bedside or do you own like 7 lava lamps?

  • I love the stare. He looks like hes going to rough house me.

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