Time for Some Irish Fur

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

From South West England we move up north to the land of hot ginge to salivate over a furry hunk by the name of Luke Fitzgerald. I have to give all credit to Skyler at the forum for introducing him to my forever thirsty crotch. Luke is an Irish rugby player by profession, and I’m mad at the fact that he has not been in any rugby calendars yet. Underusing a hairy hunk like this is totally illegal in all 26 counties (Danny, please confirm)! Also, I would kill a bunny rabbit or two to be that dude in the fourth picture. It’s not fair because I have a feeling that he doesn’t really care about chest hair. Anyways, to all of you awesome people who have subscribed to my updates via Twitter, I thank you. I know the page looks like a piece of boiled broccoli for now but I promise to add more interesting things to it later.

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

Luke Fitzgerald Shirtless

  • Nikki

    I want him in or around my mouth immediately, if not sooner.

  • Liam

    I would wear that boy like a scrunchie.
    (- True Blood)

  • DoverDavid

    WOW! Need I say more!

  • imyeye

    I can’t believe this young boy has so cute hairy chest!!

  • Matty

    I’m going to take that fourth picture and photoshop that guy’s face out to replace it with mine. I can fantasize can’t I?

  • jan vos

    My God what a hunk Luke Fitzgerals is with his hairy chest. He can make my breakfast anytime here in the Netherlands

  • Delicious!

  • Boris

    The luckiest one is the masseur in the 4th pic! It is so much more pleasant for a masseur to knead fury skin… the texture is more interesting!

  • QCNiceGuy

    Why can’t I be a masseur to a hot hairy man like that? I wouldn’t be using my hands, though! It isn’t fair!!!

  • michael

    wow. move me to ireland. this is by far thee hottest guy ive seen in a while. someone please tell me why he’s laying almost naked on a table with this other guy rubbing his chest? whats going on? who is this guy? athlete?

  • friktion

    omg! he is so so hot! godamn rugby player!!!! sex!!!!

  • Cosmic Danny

    Square, in response to your comment…

    I can confirm that ‘underusing a hairy hunk’ is still legal in the Republic of Ireland.

    However…one of my Government contacts (yes, I know some dangerous people) informs me that the Government is planning to hold a referendum on hairy hunks just as soon as the recession is over.


  • justin

    o my god, square i am your humble servant!!!! As an irish man myself, I have been a huge fan of this particular hairy hunk for quite some time, and on many occasions i have gone looking for some shirtless pictures of him (only ever finding one which was terrible quality and from a distance) you have literally made my day!!!!!!!!!! Now excuse me, i have some ahem ‘business’ to attend to…

  • Dennis

    I’ll take two please no need to wrap . : )

  • Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes…..and Thank You!!

  • John O

    omg if i were that masseur or wtv i would slowly slide my hand up his thigh… HOT

  • Mike

    I would die for that body!!!!! loving the irish fur!!!!!!!!

  • jake27

    This is the best kind of furry body. Hairy chest with the trail all the way down.

  • Matt

    one word……….WOW!

  • DoverDavid

    Mmmmmmm how I want to run my hand down his inner thigh and grab the front of his underware!

  • robertg

    Pic 5: is that evidence of a nose broken in some heated scrum? Why am I looking at his nose? Because such sizzling perfection is even more sizzlinger with a bit of imperfection–a real man. +plus, he didn’t bother to get it fixed. Rugby guys, like wrestlers, tend to show this condition as well as caulifowered ears [yum!]

  • JuanCarlos

    I know I’ve seen this post many times before, but it just never get’s old, this guy is sooooo hot!!

  • John Smith

    True Celtic manhood, most excellent!

    Not only are the chest magnificent, the smile engaging and the abs taut, but the man has a nice set of furry legs on him as well (last two pix).

    Erin go bragh!

  • JackNH

    Wow. So young but so furry already– I like the way it’s worked its way up to his collarbone and beyond. Hairy Irish guys are a new fetish of mine– the combination of being so white and so hirsute turns me on.

  • I’d love to bury my face in that chest and smell him all night!!!!

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