TV’s Matthew McConaughey? We Don’t Care.

Jon Foster Shirtless

Honestly I ran out of things to say about Jon Foster. It’s basically the same thing every week, but I’m never tired of it — it’s like watching the news! He is more than welcome to take his shirt off as much as he wants to. Here are some skin caps from the latest episode of “Accidentally on Purpose” capped by Groopii. At least he’s not in a towel (I want to believe) OR brushing his teeth this time so that’s different I guess. All I can say now is Ben better step up his shirtless game, preferably in the same scene with his little brother. In bed. Okay, did I just say that out loud?

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    I may be on the odd end, but this guy does nothing for me, with or without a shirt.

  • Brendan

    O bay-bee. Have your way with me, and I’ll pay for the tattoo removal.

  • michael

    and ill pay for him to get more tats. to cover the fact that he has no hair.

  • surfboy17

    well he is waking up from his sleep so he is obviously shirtless. i thought all guys slept shirtless, no?

  • Chris in Long Beach

    Let’s enjoy him before that show gets cancelled…Sighs…

  • squarebart

    Hey surfboy, not only shirtless, but naked! They made a couple of jokes about his “penis” being visible when the covers were lifted. .. and let your mind so the rest…. (since I missed it on TV, I watched it on the ABC web site.)

  • Hippy.

    It’s sad that I basically only comment on all the unoriginal yet still somehow pleasing JFoster pictures now.

    But that’s okay. It’s all out of love.

    And judging by SB’s comment, looks like I’ll be spending my night on the ABC site…. heh heh. Heh. 🙂

  • Don’t you mean CBS website? Haha.

    FYI: Having seen the fantastic film, The Messenger, I am happy to report that once it’s out on DVD, have tissues handy. Ben Foster, aside from delivering a stellar performance, is shirtless….And not just shirtless.

    Somehow, at some point…his chest became one helluva chia pet ^_^.

  • squarebart

    hey James, I always appreciate a well placed correction! Yes, CBS it is. Thanks and cheers.

    Here, Hippy. — have at it:

    oxo SB

  • love love love love jon!
    he’s too cute.



    McConaughey SUCKS! He’s SO pretentious and disgusting! A SHOW OFF. On the other hand, I LOVEEEE Jon Foster! He’s masculine, sweet, great looking…. JUST LOVE HIM!

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