Vote for The 2009 Adorkable of The Year!

2009 Adorkables of the Year

People of earth! Put down your holiday booze, gather your cousins (just the hot ones, please) and listen up! The time has come for the most important poll of the year (am I still drunk?), the epic battle to win the title of Adorkable of The Year. You know it’s the only one that matters. This year we have very very strong contenders and it’s interesting to see who will ultimately win. Let’s invite our last year’s winner, Zachary Levi to announce the nominees (okay, I might be drunk after all)!

Ross Zietz aka Threadless Hottie

Good heavens! There are people in this world that are blessed with good genes, and Ross is one of them. He’s a t-shirt designer at Threadless, and I am happy to report that we have this adorkable (albeit a little pretty than the standards) sans shirt. Threadless needs to thank Ross for making me placed an order for 10 t-shirts of his design. He gets my vote for resisting the temptation to pick up the razor. What is it with t-shirt designers exuding pure hotness (see Survivor’s Brett)?

Ross Zietz

Ross Zietz

Fran Kranz

Fran is that adorkable techie in “Dollhouse“. Although I stopped watching this show a long time ago, his luxuriously hairy chest makes me want to go back and watch him making adorkable expressions.

Fran Kranz

Fran Kranz

Kris Allen

Need I say more about Kris Allen? Even before he’s the winner of the last season of American Idol, we have scavenged the net for his shirtless pictures. We succeeded, here they are (please ignore the first one completely) and you’re welcome. Now if only all of his droolers unite and go buy his album…

Kris Allen

Kris Allen

Stephen Fishbach

Another reality star turned Adorkable of the Month. Stephen is the definition of adorkable in Survivor Tocantins, and I absolutely love watching him doing um, adorkable things. He’s probably almost forgotten by the general public now, but I’ll always remember him as that dorky smart guy on Survivor (which by the way starts every 15 minutes like The Amazing Race)!

Stephen Fishbach

Stephen Fishbach

Jim Parrack

Oh my word. If I hear the hottest character in “True Blood”, Hoyt Fortenberry says “I like you… I like you a lot” one more time, I’m going to faint for days! It is so clear that we have a little crush on Jim Parrack as seen here, here, and here. Here’s to more and more adorkable skin next season!

Jim Parrack Shirtless

Jim Parrack Shirtless

Jim Parrack Shirtless

Hugh Sheridan

The Australian is here! For those of you who are not familiar with this piece of adorkable hotness, Hugh Sheridan is the finest looking piece on popular Aussie series “Packed to the Rafters”. Although the fuzz is not as much as desired, his resemblance to my second husband makes a few of my body parts tingle like never before. A strong contender, and he gets my vote for being such a crotch pleaser. Go here if you can’t get enough of this adorkable hunk.

Hugh Sheridan

Hugh Sheridan Shirtless

Hugh Sheridan

Hugh Sheridan

Preston aka iPhone Hottie

Preston, you can’t vote for yourself, okay? Well, you don’t have to anyway because I’m pretty sure hundreds of thousands of readers (booze is still in my system?) will do it for you (Justin where you at). This fine piece of adorkable got discovered from the one of the most important internet inventions of the decade, Guys with iPhones. I have a feeling that this fuzzy adorka-doc in a scrub (please get it) will be a fan favorite, judging by how many comments he got.

Preston Shirtless

Preston Shirtless

Justin Bartha

My boyfriend and I go way back. While Justin Bartha will always be my adorkable of FOREVER, I feel that it’s only fair that he gets featured as the Adorkable of the Month. Yes, I did the same mistake by including one of my husbands in the poll once before, and now I’ve done it again. Well, maybe he’ll get enough votes to win this thing but I am a little skeptical. If you need some convincing, here are some skin caps from his upcoming film “The Rebound”.

Justin Bartha

Justin Bartha

Justin Bartha Shirtless

Adam Brody

The last nominee, Adam Brody is where the whole adorkable thing began. To the adorkables, he’s like the Tom of MySpace or something like that. Although he’s not so dorky now on the outside, he will be forever known as The O.C’s Seth Cohen to us adorkable fans!

Adam Brody Shirtless

Adam Brody Shirtless

Yes I know we’re missing 3 months worth of adorkables due to my lazy ass, but I honestly think we have enough candidates to decide.ย Poll will be open for a week, and the winner will be announced on new year’s day. Happy voting!

  • DoverDavid

    I think I got horny looking over our choices. Happy New Year everyone!



  • Preston gets my vote although it was HARD to choose. Since seeing his photos here I visit the GWIP website daily…right after I am done here, of course! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Panthro Samah

    Preston, of course.

  • Shaky

    I vote for Jim Parrack ^^

  • The Wire Hanger


    Here’s my drop for a huge THANK YOU for this site. I stumbled upon it this year (who even remembers the hottie I was looking up at the time?), and since June, have visited this site daily. You do us all a great service ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful New Year!

    The Wire Hanger

  • Dan

    I didnt think it was a tough year for choosing… but…. IT IS A VERY TOUGH CHOICE.
    Damn, I wish there was an in order of Hotness or ???, but Im not sure how much that would help. How HOT vs cute/adorkable. And even just vs absolutely love what they’ve done. Justin would be a slam dunk for me if I didnt look at the others. Love his looks and acting. How to choose?

  • Chris in Long Beach

    Preston! He’s a mortal like us who should be fondled by us!

  • Boris

    Preston all the way!

  • van


    i would do awful things with that man

  • p51mustang

    I think that we should have been able to choose at least two, and I adore Adam Brody and Justin Bartha. That’s not to make any less of the others- I swear that any one of them can apply to be my new boyfriend for life. Thanks, Square, for all the fun hotness since I found your site in 2009.

  • Woo-hoo!!!! Preston’s leading with 378 votes to Justin Bartha’s mere 278! Needless to say, even though this is a *phenomenal* list of adorkables, Square, and therefore hard to choose between, I had no choice but to vote for Preston.

    I must say I feel somewhat proud for been one of his original “discoverers” on GWIP in the first place, and for successfully rooting for him to become October’s adorkable. Almost brings a tear to my eye. Oh wait. That’s not a tear. And that’s not my ey…. *ahem*

    And I’m with Chris in Long Beach (on all counts) — mere mortals can be crazy hot too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • the_man

    i can’t believe adam brody has a measly 7 percent! i am a total fan. although i will say that the adorkable thing was probably started by christian campbell in malibu shores (god i’m old) or colin hanks in roswell.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    “Preston, Preston, he’s our man!
    If he can’t be it, NO one can!
    Goooooooooooooooooo, Preston!!”

    What do we get when he wins?

  • I voted for Preston!! He’s hot and he’s an unknown “real” guy, that’s hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰ peace

  • WarpedRecord

    Preston, of course, though I hate iPhones and that whole culture.

    But none of these is as good as last year’s entries, particularly Kyle Bornheimer.

  • Vaughan

    I had to vote for Preston… let’s face it, in the real world would be the only one I would have a shot with… The others i’d had problems with their bodyguards (excepto threadless hottie… Ijust don’t like that one).

  • Preston

    I feel like such a traitor. I came here to vote for Adam Brody. I felt it only right after suggesting him and all. I had no idea Jim Parrack was on here. I had to go with Parrack. I’m sorry Adam. My crush on Hoyt runs deep. Call me.

  • Uinseann

    Who else but Jim of course.

  • nvm

    aaw .. screw you guys .. I adore Kris ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @WarpedRecord – Preston doesn’t actually have an iPhone (or at least didn’t have one when those pictures were taken) so you can relax :-).

    @Preston – how adorable that you didn’t vote for yourself. I agree completely that Hoyt is hot hot hot. He is one of my favorite guys on True Blood.

    @Kyle – what do we get if Preston wins? Well I think those of us who voted for Preston should each get dinner with Preston — how does that sound? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I demand this race be boiled down to Jim Parrack vs. Kris Allen!

    Acting Adorkable & Singing Adorkable = my lusts of the year ^_^.

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  • The Lonely Island’s #1 fan

    Where are the kids from the lonely island? Where’s my Jorma?!!

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