And the Adorkable of the Year 2009 Is…

2009 Adorkables of the Year

The people have spoken. 7 days, 9 adorkables, over 3,400 votes and 1 winner. Instead of the usual use (and abuse) of mah husband, we now invite 2008 Adorkable of the Year, Zachary Levi to announce the winner. Not that you don’t know it yet anyway.

All hail my boyfriend, Justin Bartha!

Justin Bartha

Justin won with a whopping 1,008 votes and that’s 30% of the entire thing! I seriously don’t know what happened during the past couple of days but I really thought we are going to have the first winner that actually can give an acceptance speech! Preston was a crowd favorite for the first half of the battle, but I guess the supreme adorkable quality of Justin Bartha surpasses him. Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind giving it anyway. I’d like to think that Preston, who is the first runner up with 26% of the votes will always be the next door adorkable of our hearts. For a guy who isn’t a celebrity, this is truly a monumental accomplishment.

2009 Results

To everyone who voted, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2009 was a good year in shirtlessness and here’s to another great one in 2010!

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