Guess This Slightly Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

You might have to squint a little bit for this one, but don’t worry — it’s there. We thank the moisture for making it more visible. For someone his age, it’s clearly he’s not American because his Hollywood peers would’ve shaved that in a heartbeat. This picture however, is from a US network series a couple of years back. Guess before you lick click!

It’s Calvin Goldspink from CW’s “Life is Wild”! For some reason I have a couple of his caps somewhere and since it’s a slow and lazy weekend, it seems like this is the right thing to do. Calvin is a former child star, probably most known as one eighth of the British pop group S Club Juniors which is a spin off (yes it can happen) of another group S Club 7. I have no idea what are their songs because I’m obviously out of their target listeners, but I’m just glad at the fact that he’s actually legal now. For further drooling, here is his official website. Homeboy is coming up with a debut album (isn’t everyone?) so let’s assume this is a free plug for him (Calvin, call me). Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Calvin Goldspink Shirtless

Calvin Goldspink Shirtless

Calvin Goldspink Shirtless

  • S Club 7 had a big hit with an unbelievably sappy cover of Puppy Love with a pre-adolescent Calvin singing lead.

  • SoDarnHot

    Don’t know who he is, but even though he has a weird name, he’s REALLY REALLY REALLY hot!

  • theduckhunter

    what happened to his looks?

    His nose is so pointed now versus his nose when he was in the band and he looks totally different now

  • jamie

    There were a couple of hot guys in that show, which is the only reason I watched it.

  • Kevin

    To Boris: Touching only the hair and not the skin will only work if the hair involved stands out away from the skin. If you have hair that always lays flat against the skin (as if it were wet) then your way does not work.

  • Calvin G. is the epitome of the masculine pretty boy. i greatly enjoyed
    the t.v. series LIFE IS WILD and though it only lasted half a season i
    would definitely buy a dvd set if it were ever to get released. especially
    for one particular wet swim trunks scene of Calvin’s that was quite “eye

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