Jake Pavelka, Go Get Your iPhone Now

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Hah. I think now I know why a handsome eligible out of this world gorgeous hunk of a man like the current Bachelor Jake Pavelka is still single. He loves himself too much! Here are some shirtlessness from the second episode of that boring dating show I’d never watch REGARDLESS because I’m not a bored 40 year old housewife (yet) capped by Groopii. I’d imagine Jake enjoys you enjoying him so enjoy away. I have nothing against narcissists, in fact — I endorse them! What Jake really should do is get in his birthday suit, find a mirror, grab an iPhone, snap and post. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Trust.

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

Jake Pavelka Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    I don’t think at birth my stomach was ever that flat.

  • Peterpecker

    That man is gorgeous! It’s not just his beautiful body, but his face… he’s so good looking and he has the most amazing smile. I wish that chick was not in the pictures of him. Man he is hot!

  • squarebart

    It would be a bizarre lack of self awareness for him not to know he purdy…!

    I use this as my “B” show which I watch during commercials on my “A” show — that’s about the right amount for me (he said defensively). Thank goodness you are archiving the best moments for us here!

  • Nix

    It really is that fucking smile for me. He could add ten pounds of flab and lose 5 pounds of definition but if he kept that smile I’d still bend over and beg.

  • Mallory

    Yes, he’s incredibly good looking. But I agree with what Square’ d said way before…..WTF? I mean if you’re a pilot, and look like that (you could be a bum, and look like that)…..you ought to be able to manage a bevy of eligible women without a show to set that up for you. Perhaps he’s hiding something dark, and bad in his past…. >.> that might make me like this handsome fuck even more. I wish that boy was a monster, not a nice guy, doesn’t anybody else!?

  • eagander

    Gorgeous, and I’d let him fuck me 10 ways to sunday, but he’s probably like many very good looking guys: hugely narcissistic. I hope he truly is a decent, good guy, but I agree, why if you looked that good would you need to do this show with a bunch of bitchy whores!?

  • Phil

    Because eagander, guys that good looking need to have their um “egos” stroked constantly…But at the same time-after learning how good looking peeps thought I was when I was that age(150 gay years ago)and had there been a gay version of this show-I just might have done it(I certainly would have done porn-had I known then what I know now 😉 …)LOL

  • SoDarnHot

    I’ve never seen the Bachelor, but when I saw those commercials wherein he was running around shirtless, I started tuning in. I usually just mute it and focus on what’s really important: the hair, the smile, the eyes, and the bod!

  • Reese

    He was shirtless on “Dancing with the Stars”. I don’t think he believes in the concept of shirts, but hey that’s fine by me.

  • Petey

    He is sooooo hot…ohhhhhh, yeah!!! He is gorgeous!

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