John Mayer on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer Shirtless

Here are some photos of John Mayer from the latest issue of the Rolling Stone. I truly believe those pants were photoshopped onto his body, because they look like they’re not supposed to be there. And yes, I would hit it. So hard. I might have to soak myself in a mixture of Tide, Dawn and vinegar to get the douche stain off but that’s a risk I’m willing to take! Also, John admitted that he’s a new generation of masturbator (which basically means he wanks a lot — DON’T WE ALL?). *awkward silence* Right, I’ll give you about 5 minutes to yourself for some uhm, thinking.

John Mayer Shirtless on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer Shirtless on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer Shirtless on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer on the Rolling Stone

John Mayer  on the Rolling Stone

Obligatory (OF COURSE):

John Mayer Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    I liked John better when it was a serious musician. Now he’s a tabloid boy wonder, and his music has suffered. I never found him that attractive, and those tattoos are a total deal-breaker, but at least I once respected him musically.

  • reese

    John comes off as so indifferent, so blase’, just like his music.

  • DoverDavid

    Another on my list of: Does nothing for me.

  • Macca

    The article that accompanies this cover story proves Mayer is every bit the self-indulgent, self-important, self-deluded schmuck I made him out to be.

    Amelie Gillette, a/k/a “The Hater” published a funny response at the AV Club:,37304/

  • Miguel

    Wow, so many haters around 😛

    Either people take his words out of context/too seriously or they need to get some sense of humor. I will love John, now and forever <3

  • Tks

    I think he’s hot as hell. I find his comment more funny because take them so seriously I think everything he says he has his tounge firmly in his cheek. And I think his musis has bottom better and better.

  • Liam

    I am so limp right now….

  • Hippy.


    John Mayer masturbating. P:

  • Ya know…just…naw…nothing. Okay, maybe after a night out of drinking, but even then. I’m sorry but he looks dirty even in these pics, just sayin. 😉 peace

  • Patrick

    What’s up with that neon thong gone wrong?
    Thumbs down.

  • psh072857

    I’d hit that-but even he can’t make a Borat suit look good-nobody can-nobody…I’d love to…well never mind-LOL…

  • 5236

    I would also have to agree that Mayer’s “coy” public persona seems every bit as affected as his singing voice. I guess I’ll never understand the appeal — musically or sexually!

  • There is something appealing about him despite his aloofness, self-focus and most peculiar facial contortions while he sings. Perhaps it is a troubled soul?

    If I were him, I’d play with his bits & pieces, too.

  • vanhenry71

    It was so going well till that last pic, YIKES!

  • i like his brooding ways, but the tatoo just turned me off!

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