Mark Valley in Human Target

Mark Valley Shirtless

I am happy and very proud to report that after such a devastating display of clean shaven chest as Agent John Scott in “Fringe”, Mark Valley has finally let nature take its course and is looking hotter than ever in the premiere of “Human Target”. In other words, the fuzz is alive, at long last! There’s no chance in TV hell that I’d watch this show but for those who are fans of this type of entertainment — Mark Valley should be the prime reason to watch the series. Also, I don’t think I’ve used this many tags for a while which is a good sign. For those who enjoy manly, mature, beefy, blond and fuzzy chested hunks I’d imagine this will be right up your alley. Like most of the posts here, images are bigger than they appear so you know you want to zoom and drool.

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

Mark Valley Shirtless

  • Vaughan

    Oh… Mark Valley… the only reason I used to watch “Days of our lives”…

  • This guy is so amazing, honestly, I wanna marry him tomorrow.


  • Jack

    Now THAT is a MAN!

  • Brendan

    McG (the producer of Human Target) was on a G4TV interview with Mark Valley last week. On it, he jokingly mentioned he’ll be making sure Mark takes off his shirt a lot. I sure hope he was partly serious. Yum.

  • Brendan

    Also, I’m jealous that Canada gets to “use” Mark Valley first.

  • Oh my! I thought he was so handsome in previews. He’s just down right hot!

  • DoverDavid

    I had no idea Mark was a semi furry chested guy! I love this site cause it gives me proof one way or another. Lets hope he keeps it that way! His good looks just got better!

  • Michael

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mark while I was living and working in Berlin. He is originally from Potsdam, NY and is a graduate of West Point. He was an officer in the Army stationed in Berlin when he came into a casting office on the base to get a job as an extra in Schlessinger’s “Innocents.” It was an awful movie even though it had Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Rosselini and Campbell Scott..and me and Mark! The movie was fun and I got to know him fairly well. Schlessinger had a big crush on Mark and was able to set him up with some casting agents and managers. It took awhile, but he finally ended up in soaps and has done a number of movies, television and commercials. Thankfully, he still looks good…however, he did look cuter at his flat, making lattes and not wearing a shirt as usual.

  • Just saw some parts if this show. Thought he was a sexy good looking daddy. Googled him. Found a few pics. Came here and BAM, u have sexier looking ones of him. Thanks Square! It’s reasons like this I keep coming back craving for more man meat.

  • Bro

    There are no words to describe how hot this guy is…

  • white panda

    I am so freaking happy Mark decided to let his chest hair stay! Best professional decision ever.

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  • Boris


  • psh072857

    So that’s who that is!

  • reese

    I think I’m going to start watching “Fringe” now.

  • Msanonymous

    Wow. Wow. Super hot stuff. Love hairy blonds. Wow. Such a cute face, too.

  • Complex

    WOOF!!! Goddamn.. he can be my daddy any day!!!

  • Steven

    Honestly, this is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and I have seen many gorgeous guys, but this one should have a statue carved from him.

    I’ve seen both episodes of Human Target and just looking at him puts butterflies in my stomach. And he’s 45!! I’m not saying that age totally kills looks; in fact, I like mature men. But you wouldn’t expect someone in their middle age to look so…perfect. Physically he is the ideal man. The man I’ve always wanted other men to look like. Brad Pitt, eat your heart out.

    Plus the fact that he served in the military turns me on 🙂

  • Brian

    Damn that tat. All else is fine.

  • friktion

    studly man! mmmmmm

  • Sammy

    I’m in LOVE! Please post more!

  • ski

    Is anyone else thinking “washboard forehead?”

  • ski: ROTFLMAO

    I’d still bang his brains out.

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  • Debbie

    He is soooo hot!!!!!! Fell in love at first sight….. reminds me of a very good friend of mine who was also in the military…..

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  • K.T.

    Alright Square Hippies – all you Mark Valley fans simply MUST check out this picture! ooh la la!

    I wonder of this is from that show he was on called Swingtown (Mark plays a guy who “swings” with married couples).

  • Regina Filangi

    Agree with all the other comments, this man is FINE! he is a REAL man!!:)

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