Robson Green in Wire in the Blood

Robson Green Shirtless

I can’t tell you folks enough how amazing CosmicDanny is. He seems to read my mind every single time he cap something, and we’re not even siblings! These stunning caps of English actor, singer–songwriter and presenter Robson Green also known as the British equivalent of Mike Rowe also known as the star of my wet dream tonight are from the pilot of “Wire in the Blood”. Danny made these a while back, but it’s time for me to take them to the next level. By next level I really mean I’m doing you lazy asses who couldn’t bother to scour the pure goodness in the forum a favor. Thanks to Danny of course and to those who brought the post back to life.

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

Robson Green Shirtless

  • Holy hell. We pretty much see his pubes. I need him.

  • KarmaLysing

    Todd R – Wait your damned turn!!! 😛

  • DoverDavid

    Always nice to start my weekend with something cute n hairy.

  • Julius Seizure

    Would SOMEBODY move that damn CAMERA!

  • Kevin

    As a hairy guy, I need to mention, that clipping one’s body hair very short may not please onlookers, but does feel really sensual when someone strokes the hair that is left, backwards. You know, against the grain. It feels sooooo good.
    Also, for you hairless types, if a man is hairy on the front, chances are he is or eventually will be hairy on his back too. Its rather hypocritical of you to swoon over his front, and then get sqeamish over his back.

  • Cameron

    I saw that episode and he’s either an extremely good actor or was enjoying every minute. He continues to see the ‘she-man’ who did it in the next episode too. hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Joanna

    I don’t know what the heck is going on there, but that Robson Green is awesome. That chest alone would make me give him a triple 10 on my ‘gorgeous men with awesome chests’ meter!!!! DAAAMN!!

  • Misswhippy

    These pics are the stuff of fantasy. Oh my God, what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on that fabulous hairy chest. It’s so damn sexy!!

  • p51mustang

    Wow- those ARE pubes- I didn’t notice. I love his face and those blue eyes. I first saw him in “Touching Evil” on PBS. He’s aged well. Haven’t watched this series yet.

  • Boris

    To Kevin: as an extremely hairy man myself, trust me when I say, it’s even better when hair is at its natural length… the trick is to touh the hair, but not the skin…

  • jake27

    Outstanding hairy chest

  • A.

    You guys, I’ve been having this affair with a GORGEOUS daddy type for some weeks now who has a chest a lot like Robson Green. Seeing these pics of RG really reminded me of my lover …. oy, he’s fabulous and a GREAT kisser… how lucky am I!? 😉

  • CosmicDanny

    Thanks Square, but I’m really not that amazing.

  • Joetx

    Green looks MUCH BETTER than Mike Rowe, especially since the latter has made a gay joke.

  • rodthehorny

    next to my handsome boyfriend mike rowe, he can be my sexy daddy any time.

  • John

    I just want to say that it is soooo great to be able to share this fetish/interest of the hirtsute MALE with you all…Thank You..! JM

  • Mat

    Lived in the UK and have been watching Robson for years since he was in ‘Casualty’ and the charts with his smoooth geordie voice. In this episode we got to see his arse too. Just as hairy and soooo delish!

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