Scott Foley in Cougar Town

Scott Foley Shirtless

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve stopped watching “Cougar Town” a few episodes ago. That said, the series never fails to churn skin scenes one after another, and the latest as we can see above is from hairy Scott Foley. It was bound to happen. These are capped by Groopii from last night’s “Scare Easy” episode. I’m not saying he’s totally gym-free, but this is my preferred body type. Yes, I have sub par taste in men, just deal with it! If you feel that you need more dose of Foley, here are some caps of him in a towel in “Law & Order: SVU”. Thanks Jackson!

Scott Foley Shirtless

Scott Foley Shirtless

Scott Foley Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    I just started watching this show and think it is very funny. Although I was disappointed that at the end, Scott and Ms. Courtney parted ways, all this after seeing his hairy form and equally hairy legs! Lets hope that by next week she returns to her senses and he returns to the show.

    • Guest

      Scott Foley is not the man he was in the 1990’s, but he hasn’t entirely lost his looks. Some wax jobs and a workout routine will bring him back to hotness.

  • Last night while watching this I was literally thinking to myself, “I HOPE Squarehippies has this screen capped tomorrow!” You answered my prayers. Yum.

  • Bucky


    Scott has my preferred body type as well. Naturally beefy instead of one of those gym bods. Although I’d love to see him let that chest hair grow naturally instead of trimming so much.

  • p51mustang

    No apologies or explanations needed. Scott Foley was an eye-catcher on “Felicity”, and he still is. That’s the kind of guy you take home to mother- and hope she doesn’t steal him from you…

  • squarebart

    I haven’t been regular at Cougar Town, but I caught last night’s — glad I did! I just kept thinking “THOSE NIPPLES!”

    You forgot to mention Foley in a skirt! You didn’t mention Foley’s weener waggin’ — though it is there in the caps. Thank you mush.

    No doubt video can be found online by now, by someone with more time than I have at the moment. oxo SB

  • squarebart

    D’oh! Here’s the whole episode for anyone who missed it and wants to see it. For free and no special players needed…

  • KarmaLysing

    Scott Foley is terminally hot irrespective of how much he visits the gym. I always thought “Felicity” was a moron for not taking advantage (heh) of him, and I wanted to show him some of MY special maneuvers when he was on “The Unit”…

  • Vaughan

    Uhm… and to think that ho’ left him and we won’t see him again… :'(

  • reese

    Square, you have outdone yourself this week. Beautiful!

  • WMassGuy

    Damn he is beautiful!

  • parker210

    mmmm…..scott is looking good as always. what a handsome, hot, hairy man. amazing body.

  • swil

    Foley’s got the type of body that I’d want to curl up (naked) with on a cool night. Actually, I don’t know who I’m trying to fool, make that any night.

  • Harry

    gross gross gross lose some weight sasquatch

  • Jasper

    Don’t cha just want to suck those nipples!; great tummy, puppy-dog eyes and those LIPS! ‘nuf said…

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