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Bradley Cooper Shirtless in A-Team

Above is a testament from Hollywood that there’s no action film in the modern age; no matter how much testosterone filled, that doesn’t have anything for the ladies. Well, in today’s context it’s actually for the gays — because without a shirtless Bradley Cooper in a guy’s guy film, there’s no chance in hell I’d watch the big screen adaptation of “The A-Team”. Okay, I admit I’ve sat through “Knight Rider” and “Airwolf” when I was a kid, but that’s just a stage! It wasn’t long til I realize “Jem” and “She-Ra” are really my scene. Our beloved BCoop has clearly been to the gym since “All About Steve”, and possibly stopped by at that men’s grooming place next door. Maybe it’s just the lighting. I don’t know. Trailer, after the jump.

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

  • “Face” is appropriate indeed.

  • KarmaLysing


    Okay, I’m better now.

    Mr. Cooper was born to play “Face”. Seriously. GENIUS casting.

    That said, I actually always had the hots for Murdoch. What can I say? My “gingy” thing started early.

  • KarmaLysing

    Update: Just went to IMDb and looked up the movie.

    1) Sharlto Copley, who is Afrikaans, is Murdoch. I STILL have the hots for Murdoch. Wowza.

    2) They actually got Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz to come back for cameos. Kewel!

    3) Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom, if I am not mistaken, will be their way-hot nemesi, (nemesie? nemesissies? whatever…), and had BETTER LOSE CLOTHING, DAMMIT!!!!

    • @KarmaLysing Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom with shirt on is A MORTAL SIN and they should know by now.

  • DoverDavid

    Although I love me some Bradley, I can’t believe they wasted the money making a movie of this show. I see it going straight to dvd.

  • yes Bradley C. certainly has been to the gym recently. in addition
    Squarehippies you failed to alert Bradley devotees to the fact that
    in the recent film NEW YORK-I LOVE YOU we are treated a quick
    but A+ shot of Bradley gorgeous ass.

  • squarebart
  • Julius Seizure

    I was at a showing of DayBreakers last Saturday and the trailer played. Not one minute after Bradley’s chest showed, the projector bulb blew (no pun intended) and they canceled the showing. (Two free passes to make up for it.)

    I went back on Sunday (yeah free pass!) but this time the projector survived those nipples and that blonde fur. (I assume they applied cold packs to the equipment until the trailer was over the movie began.)

    True story.

    • @Julius Seizure Wow, I never knew that projector bulbs are gay AND into furry men. Your comments never cease to amaze me!

  • Mallory

    Bradley Cooper is decent looking, but to me his face isn’t a 10. His body is a 13.5, because I lose all sense of thought looking at him below the neck. …..whew.

  • eagander

    BCoop’s bod will be the ONLY reason to see this awful rip off of the original! I’m afraid that even with that temptation, I will wait until it is Netflixed. I couldnt’ stand Mr. T in the original. I’d hoped he stay deeply buried in my subconscious forever.

  • KarmaLysing

    @Square – You are, of course, correct about the peril to their eternal souls if Brian Bloom and Patrick Wilson wear shirts.

    One additional thought occurs to me here: For all those ding-dongs who insist that body builders and athletes must scalp themselves because “body hair hides muscle definition”, I give you the first, fourth, and fifth pictures as “exhibit A” of how full of crap y’all are. Srsly.

  • Misswhippy

    Oh my God. Chest hair, great pecs, a six pack AND a tattoo!

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  • No.7

    Well we meet again…

    Evening Everyone, hows everyone doing?
    Good I’m knacked, I would say its because I’m jetlag but that would be a lie. I’m really trying to cut down on lying seen I got released from Prison. But really its because I had way to much sex in the last 72 hours, I think I may have to go to the hospital, what do you guys think. Email in and let me know. Anyways I watching remember me yesturday I got the massive boner it was crazy! anyone see that film? , let me know in advance and maybe we could hang out.

    Anyways I is out of here

    Laters alien and predators!!

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