Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

Some of you might get a serious case of deja-fuzz (sorry), because this clipped hunk has been featured on this website a long, long time ago. Well, it’s time for a repost because it’s been a while since we saw some skin from this Hollywood bad boy. If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s another clue: seeing his sweaty furry bod is the only good thing about this thriller capped here. Might be too easy, but guess before you click anyway!

It’s Stephen Dorff from “Cold Creek Manor“! I’d like to think he’s one of the modern hairy hunks that brought furry hotness to the new generation. The last time I’ve seen anything from this piece of beefcake was from the film “Felon“. And yes I know about “Shadowboxer” so drop it. Here’s hoping his films this year will bring more amazing skin scenes to the table!

Stephen Dorff Shirtless

Stephen Dorff Shirtless

Stephen Dorff Shirtless

Stephen Dorff Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    Stephen is hot know, and he’ll only improve with age. If ever there was an actor who I think smells great, it’s him. “Cold Creek Manor” is a decent film because of him and “Felon” is amazing.

    And unlike many of the himbos featured on this site, Stephen has tremendous talent.

  • WarpedRecord

    And by hot know, I mean hot NOW! I was distracted by those precious pecs.

    Square: Is there any way to edit comments here after you post them?

    • @WarpedRecord I’m not sure, but I’ve seen it been done before. Will definitely look it up.

  • squarebart

    I’d never have guessed him! I remember pale and slender, not muscly and tan! Always liked him; I haven’t seen them all but he’s in some interesting movies.

  • Lalaboom

    As soon as I saw the second photo, I knew instantly he was on Britney ‘Everytime’ Video

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  • MeM/

    Good GOOOOOD! Sweaty and tanned, grrrrrrr… LOVE it!

  • SweetCheeks

    Ohhhhh….from that first pic I could tell it was Stephen right away from that MOUTH! He’s got the naughtiest mouth ever! The scene where’s he’s leaning over the pool….oh my! I’d like to bottle that whole scene and start every single day watching it. I think they should have had him really try to seduce Sharon Stone a whole lot more. This movie could have been a whole lot more sexual. Such a waste of all that beauty. Not hers…HIS! Thanx for posting the pics. Yumm!

  • Shawn Miller

    You can see a lot more of the chiseled chest and amazing abs of this hunk in the film “Immortals” where he co-stars with another chiseled hunk Henry Caville (sp) the new Superman.

  • HugyBearMD

    He looked so much better before Hollywood attacked with the clippers….

  • Fantasy

    He’s so fine, hehe

  • Fashonyzta

    Oh man… He’s so gorgeous! Just wanna…..

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